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Monday, July 19, 2010

This weekend has been a myriad of broken to no sleep for me. No sleep = not good. Because my husband knew this, he tried to let me sleep in for few hours this morning. He works from home from 7-3, and Mondays tend to be the slowest. The kids also tend to be more subdued in the morning as long as they have nourishment. This would be the time to thank my lucky stars, but instead. I found myself awake, thinking about exercise.

It's been pretty hot here so far. We're getting up to the 90's with an extremely high heat index. Seeing as I almost gave myself heat stroke last time I ran during the day, earlier is better. I also bit the bullet and bought... RUNNING SHORTS! 1.98 at target, on clearance. They are extremely short which is great for the heat, but my level of comfort when people are around? Nil.

At any rate. I knew logically if I was going to go, I should go right then. The heat was lower. I could actually run in shorts for a change instead of my sweats. The problem was that my energy was super super low. I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything else. I wasn't even sure I had the energy to get on my gear.

Here is the thing. As soon as you start to exercise? That feeling starts to go away. Your blood gets pumping. The adrenaline rushes through you..... and you get big doses of fresh oxygen. No matter how tired you are where you feel like you can't, YOU CAN!

Moments like these are always going to come and go. I don't know how many times I've been in the middle of a tape like WATP or Jillian's 30 day Shred. There comes a point where I get so tired, I think... "I can't go anymore". But I know I CAN. I know I can push past that and finish it. Usually what helps is looking at how much time is left. A.k.a 10 more seconds of this, I can do 10 more seconds..etc. In the begging of WATP I also used to move my feet together then apart when I needed to slow down. This prevented me from stopping completely as well as gathering something of a recovery.

So today when I felt like I couldn't? I knew I could. I DID. Not only that, but I added at least 30 seconds to BOTH my run times. The first run came out close to five minutes. Here again is my I-touch fail. I checked stop watch but did not clear my time from yesterday. Thus, it added to my time which required some subtraction. I know it was at least 4:30. My song also ended which was 5:01. I am pretty confident I started it right at the beginning, but who knows. I am counting it as at least 30 seconds over, and that 5 minute run is ever closer!

I took a bit different of a route this time which made a difference. The end of the 4 minutes was not done uphill. However, this caused the second leg of my run to be mostly uphill anyway. I swear.. everytime I run, I try to start a little bit sooner then I did before. I usually mark this by sight.. The house with the blue garage..etc. So mentally I can kind of calculate my time instead of checking the I-Touch. But it seems like no matter how far back I start, i am not gaining time! This could be because I am running faster, but its kind of a mind loop that I can't accurately calculate my time.

I am extremely hopeful by next run I'll break 5 minutes on either one or both. From then, I start the regular program. Which is going to be 5 minute runs times 3 instead of times two. Then I think the week after that jumps to 8 minutes straight.

This scares me . However from the communities I am in, there is hardly anyone (no one that I've heard of at least) that does not complete that jump from 5 to 8. Repeating the week of 5 x 3 however is something that I might need to do, which I am ok with. I am going to improve, and I am going to get up to 8 minutes solid!
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    My daughter was a competitive swimmer for years and is now a coach. She learned, and now teaches all of her kids (and tells me too lol), that your mind wants to quit long before your body actually needs too.

    She has taught me that if I can work through the block in my mind and not quit at the first sign of being tired I can go much further than I ever thought possible. We have to learn to stop talking ourselves out of doing well.

    Good luck on your 5 minute run!

    3952 days ago
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