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Saturday, October 02, 2010

This is a challenge for the biggest loser....every pound I want to lose and why....those who read, Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

1. To be a healthier mom to my son
2. and my husband
3. and to any future children I may have.
4. to take long walks with my husband like we use to
5.to walk up stairs without feeling like my heart is bursting out my chest
6.to run
7.to play with my son longer then 10 minutes
8. to dance for hours
9.to go to a gym and not be the biggest person in the gym
10.or the biggest person in the store
11.or anywhere I go
12.to not buy clothes in lane bryant and ONLY lane bryant
13.to buy clothes anywhere
14. to have bras fit right
15.to have clothes fit right
16.to wear sexy nighties
17.to feel sexy in them
18.to believe my husband finds me beautiful when he says it
19.and to believe he loves me
20.to be desirable
21.to wear sneakers without struggling to tie my shoe
22.or struggle to put socks on
23.or cut my toenails
24.to paint my own toes and not pay people to do it because Its too hard for me.
25.to not crave soda all the time
26.and greasy food
27.to crave water
28.and fruits and veggies
29.to be in public and not feel like I am being stared at
30.and talked about
31. and laughed at
32.to sit with my legs crossed
33.to wear a skirt
34. and a little black dress
35.to wear shorts in the summer
36.and spaghetti straps
37.to go to the beach
38.and wear a hot 2 piece
39.and look even hotter
40.to be under 300 pounds forever
41.to be under 200 pounds forever
42.to avoid diseases associated with weight
43.to wash easier
44.to shave my legs easier
45.and everyday because its easier
46.to just be able to do it
47.and show everyone that I could
48.to make love more often
49.and feel sexy when I do it
50. and feel like my husband find me irresistible
51.to feel sexy in clothes
52.to feel sexy naked
53.to get my period regular
54.to pose for pictures
55.to love pictures
56.to not cry at pictures
57.to play sports
58.to be outdoors more
59.to go hiking
60.to ride a bike again
61.to not have 2 big stomach rolls
62.or a crease in my thighs
63.or no neck
64.to stop getting skin tags from being over weight
65. to not be the girl with "a great personality"
66.or the girl who would be beautiful if I lose 100 pounds
67.or the girl with a pretty face...and not a pretty body.
68.to not be the loud girl who makes jokes at myself first.
69.to not be out with my family and afraid people will scream "fat" insults
70. to go walking and not have people scream that I'm fat
71. to love to exercise
72.to love me
73.to know I deserve love
74.to have skinny friends
75.and not be bigger then all my heavier friends
76.to have energy
77.and not need to sleep 12 hours a day to feel refreshed
78.to know that when I start something I can finish it
79.to have 1 chin
80.to have knees
81.and ankles
82.to be beautiful
83.and to feel beautiful
84.to have girls be envious of me for a change
85.to not be envious of skinny girls
86.to love my body no matter what
87.even the dimples in my booty
88.to love my stretch marks because its a reminder of how I got, and what I lost.
89.to walk around the house naked
90.and clean naked
91.and to love to be naked
92.to live to be more then 50
93. to live to see my son get married
94.and have kids
95.to want to get up in the morning
96.to smile more
97.to laugh more
98.to be happy
99. to not have to crack my back because I'm so stiff from all this weight
100.to not be afraid to go to the hospital because they will weigh me.
101. to not be afraid if i need to go to the er via helicopter i will be too heavy.
102.to have fun
103.to ride roller coasters
104.to not be afraid i wont fit through the turn style thing to get into the amusement park.
105. or be afraid not to fit in movie theater seats
106.to have plenty of room on a plane
107.and not have the person next to me uncomfortable because my elbows are hitting them.
108.to run up the stairs if i need to
109.to not have knee problems from my weight
110.and high blood pressure
111.and headaches
112. and body aches
113.to not be size 20's
114.or teens
115. but to be a one digit
116.no more 3x clothes
117.no stretch pants
118.and stretch shirts
119.to take care of my appearance
120.to feel i deserve to look pretty
121.to be at a buffet and not have seconds
122.to not have everyone look at me and just know I'm having seconds
123.to feel like i can have seconds without people judging me
124.to say I'm hungry and not feel embarrassed
125.to not be afraid to eat in front of skinny people
126.to skinny dip just once
127.to take a topless photo and not hate it(breast cancer runs in my family and I think a topless photo means a lot)
128.to feel girly
129. to have a shape
130.to be in shape
131.to not be the fattest girl in my family
132.to see my feet when standing
133.to see my vagina better, tmi...but true
134.to not have my stomach hang
135.to not have fat toes
136.to be proud of myself
137.to not have gastric to lose weight
138.and to show my doctor who told me exercise was pointless that she should have her drs. License taking away. and that i did it.
139.to have my husband pick me up
140.to make love standing up like we use to
141.to love the mirror
142.and look in it everyday
143.and love what i see
144.to not resent my husband for being thin
145.to not be afraid my son will be fat because i am
146.to teach my son to eat healthy
147.and to exercise
148.and to not sit on my butt all day watching tv and eating candy
149.to run a 5k
150.to out run my husband
151.to catch my son now
152.to catch him when he is a teenager
153.to not feel like i will be an embarrassment to my son when he is in school.
154.or when he brings home friends
155.or a girlfriend
156.to not feel like i embarrass my husband at his job
157.and in front of his friends
158.to not embarrass myself by my weight
159.to be something to be proud of for my family
160.and mostly for me!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this!!!! SUch a positive and beautiful reminder to yourself! Keep up the great work I know that you will do this!
    3911 days ago
    I loved it! I think you should have that Dr.'s license anyway. To tell you that exercise is pointless????? WTF!
    Great Job!
    3913 days ago
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