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Food, vacation, and diamonds

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I am now back from the argentinean vacation that I was nervous about. On vacation, I was intending to be EXTREMELY active, trekking an average of 10 miles a day. For the first four days this was true, but then my boyfriend tore a muscle hiking on a glacier and we had to revisit our activity plans. So, we did other active things that didn't involve hiking, like horse back riding (fun!), white water rafting (really fun!), can canoeing and I also went to the gym each day. Still, not quite the calorie burn of 6-8 hours of hiking a day. I actually tracked my exercise each day on Spark.

I decided not track my food on Spark although I could have on my iphone, but to relax and let up about it. In some ways, I was good, ate a lot of salad, chicken, and soup, but in others I wasn't, indulging in the amazing dulce de leche, chocolate, cheese and lots of red wine, oh and I was introduced to my old friend bread. In fact, I think I ate more bread in the two weeks than in the two years prior.

And here is the big news, in the midst of staying active, healthy and thin I got engaged! Literally, we hiked to the top of a mountain and he presented me with the loveliest engagement ring and we decided to spend forever together. It was amazing.

So now I'm back, initially I had gained a pound, but in three days I've already lost it and weigh 121 pounds which is exactly what I weighed before vacation!

Next up - getting into wedding shape! yay!
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