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I knew it!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I knew something big was coming!! I just didn't expect it to happen quite so fast!!

Yesterday I made the decision to shift back to my hometown. It was a decision mostly for the benefit of my son as we have family down there (good male role models etc blah blah blah) and things are cheaper than where we are.

Problem?? Jak starts school on Monday. This Monday. After 3 years of wiggling my way around Wellington getting him into the best school, arranging my life around said school, we are leaving the day before school starts and I have had 4 days to choose him a new school!! Mad, yes. Problem no. CHECK.

Problem?? 4 days to pack up a whole house, pack up storage container to be shifted, arrange extra storage, arrange movers, arrange shipping inter-island (makes NZ sound big, its not:)), find a place to live down south, get Jak a uniform, transfer law schools, get flights, drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat healthfully!!!!!!!! Mad double yes. Problems hell no. CHECK.

I am a machine, powerful and sleek (yup I have already lost 1.3kg of the 4kg I gained on holiday), I will conquer and dominate this challenge and be ready for the adventures that await me in my new chosen life. And be healthy. And keep my madness as it makes my life more interesting. And get sex(ier). CHECKMATE.

On that note what the hell am I doing sitting here blogging when there is serious packing to do!! BYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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