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Friday, February 04, 2011

With the exception of my calf raises, I was able to get my full workout in! I just took my strength training slow and paid close attention to how my leg was feeling. I was able to get my calf muscle to loosen up and decided to give my run a go on the treadmill. I expected that I wouldn't be able to do my 3.6 miles, but I was feeling really good and was actually able to go 4 nonstop miles...A PERSONAL BEST!!! I was on my feet 3.5 hours following my workout and am not having any troubles that worry me. It's a little sore, but definitely better.

THANK YOU to my all my Spark Friends who offered me tips, advice and encouragement. I appreciated everything!!!

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Ok Spark Friends, I'm in need of a little advice...

Monday I did lower body strength training followed by a 3.6mile jog, all normal routine. Tuesday was a non-workout day for me and I felt fine from the day before. Wednesday morning I woke with a tight/sore calf muscle. I did my upper body strength training, during which it loosened up. I then did my 3.6 mile jog with no problems. My calf was okay throughout my workout, but did tighten back up later in the day. Today I was on my feet, walking all day...my calf has been tight/sore all day.

Question...I tend to push through these things and don't think this would keep me from doing my workout tomorrow of lower body strength training (however, I'll skip calve raises) and my jog, BUT should I be more concerned about it? I would really hate to injure myself and have to take a break for healing. Advice???
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    I'd probably foam roll your calves, actually all of the muscles in your legs. As much as I dislike foam rolling, feels like self inflicted torture. It really does help.
    3781 days ago
  • PUNZIE73
    I had a wicked calf cramp last week. I attributed it with not stretching long enough after my workouts. After about a week the pain subsided. I can't emphasize getting loose before a work-out and stretching afterwards. Best to you.

    3781 days ago
    Looks like you're already getting good advice. I was going to say the same as previous people. Foam roller or stick to work out the muscle....LOTS of water. Sounds like it's just tight from your workouts. Also maybe use some BioFreeze or Icy Hot. Take it easy, remember if you're having PAIN during a workout (different than muscles strengthening) you should take that as a cue to stop.
    3781 days ago
    I'd invest in a foam roller or tiger tail. Both will help loosen the muscle in your legs!
    3781 days ago
  • KIMMAS82
    Any chance you're dehydrated? I get really "crampy" and stiff in my calves when I'm not drinking enough water. On heavy workout days I need WAY more than 8 glasses.
    3781 days ago
  • KASSAY25
    So are you saying that you are running everyday?
    If so, i would suggest that your cross train as part of your cardio. Run every other day, and perhaps try out spinning (if you haven't already) or maybe some Zumba, just something different to give your legs a break. But most importantly your body speaks to you, so listen to it. Maybe you just need an off day or a light workout day, maybe stretching/light yoga? But yes be careful, it isn't worth injuring yourself!
    3781 days ago
    I posted a blog on body looseners. These are pre-running exercise that we do in Chi Running. I do not stretch before, but rather do thise looseners and stretch afterwards


    Also I do something called Chi Running which uses more core and less legs, and also focuses on running injury free and body senssing to learn what adjustments you should make to allow yourbody to inform your mind, and your mind to direct your body in ways that work for each.

    When Gramie and I were learning to dance, we discover that we had different roles to play as dance partners.

    Grami's job was to follow Popie's lead, Popie's job was to lead her where she wanted to go!

    Learn to relax your lower legs when you run. If you do not over use them, they will not complain.

    The link on body loosners provides links to a few of my blogs on Chi Running. This set of blogs may or may not be of interestet to you.

    Good running and be careful out there.

    3781 days ago
  • JRIMM4
    Lots and lots of stretching - before and after. That would be my best suggestion. Also if you find yourself hurting I'd err on the side of caution and take things easy
    3781 days ago
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