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Friday, February 11, 2011

It's no secret that the weekends pose a big challenge for me in terms of keeping on track with my nutrition. BUT...as I approach this coming weekend, I will do it with a plan, and I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!

The Good:
First, I must say a little about what I do good! All week long when the husband is at work and the kids are at school, I do great! I'm usually home all day long, Monday through Friday, during which time I don't usually feel much for temptations. I can eat several meals/snacks a day and stay within my guidelines with very little challenge. I can even plan outings and it still isn't an issue. One of my tricks for success in my personal journey is to eat what I would consider real food. I have started eating different, healthier alternatives to things, but I haven't given anything up. I just know that if I want something that I have to calculate it into my numbers. I feel it's important to not deny myself anything, because then I'll only want it more later. Also, I don't deny myself what my body needs. If I'm hungry, I eat!

The Bad:
For some reason, when the family is home on the weekends I have huge cravings. I wouldn't say that the cravings are for any specific food, but more of a craving to just binge. And it's not because I'm hungry...sadly the more painfully full I feel, the more I want to eat. I've gone through my cupboards and don't have much for junk food in the house, other than whatever the family manages to smuggle in. But, I find things that will work. I don't even really have to like these things, it's just the act of eating them.

The Theory:
As I've been trying to figure out why I do this I think I have it narrowed down to a few triggers.
1. Boredom-- When the family is home I feel that I can't go about my normal routine. It gives me the feeling that I'm waiting around for something and I get bored and antsy.
2. Change in eating schedule-- If we're planning a dinner out, I'll look ahead at the restaurant menu and will try calculating the numbers into my day. At times I have planned to eat really light through the day to allow the meal out.
3. Weakness-- While I am in control of myself, I admit that it's more difficult when everyone around me can munch endlessly.
4. Spark-- I feel guilty picking up the laptop for Spark Time when the family is here. They don't understand what motivation I get from the Spark World. So...I tend spend very limited time Sparking on the weekends with the exception of my nutrition tracker.

The Plan:
1. Boredom-- I plan to stay just as active on the weekends as I am during the week. I don't want to just sit around, and there is always plenty to do. Also, weather permitting I'd like to get my son out on the trail for some hiking or bike riding.
2.Eating Schedule-- I realize that it's a bad idea to try to limit what I'm eating throughout the day to allow for the meal out because I am only sabotaging myself and end up having the meal out on top of binging on junk food. I'm going to go about my weekend meals as normal and accept it if my numbers are a little higher with a meal out. It'll be considerably better for nutrition and will take a lot of pressure off the situation. Also, a bonus here is that I've gotten really good at making smarter restaurant choices!
3. Weakness-- This is a tough one because I am the one who is in control of my actions, I just have to be strong. I think I just need to ask myself before I eat anything..."Why do I want to eat?" "Am I really hungry, or does it fit into one of my trouble zones?" If there's not a good reason for me to eat something, then I'll drink water or coffee, get busy, brush my teeth, or get a piece of gum.
4. Spark-- While I will check into Spark World from time to time through the weekend, I also realize that I need to be able to do it on my own and can't rely on anything other than myself. I greatly appreciate how all my Spark Friends care about me though...you guys are the best, you really keep me inspired and motivated!!!

OK...I'm ready to take on this weekend! It feels really good to have thought about my triggers and to have a plan in place. I feel stronger! I feel like I have the tools that I need to keep doing what I do all week long! I feel excited! It's just another day in my journey!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Weekends for some reason have become a free-for-all for me. As if I'm somehow deluded into thinking that nothing has calories on Saturday or Sunday, so go for it! Pffft.

    I like your plan. I tried a bit of number 2 myself this weekend, trying to stick to my normal workday eating schedule, and it seemed to help. I did find myself -really- hungry sometimes before it was time to eat - like my stomach was growling at me - so I adjusted slightly, but for the most part was successful.

    Hope your plan was a success! Thanks for all your support lately while I've been such a grump*ss LOL I appreciate it, and feel like I'm slowly on the upswing again.
    emoticon emoticon
    3771 days ago
    You sounds so much like me. I read your theory and I could have written much of the same.

    The weekdays, almost a piece of cake, but weekends...watch out. My DH supports me, but doesn't really help with what he chooses to eat. Not mention that he teases (and I do mean he does it lovingly, not mean-like) me about my "SparklePeople" food.

    My BIGGEST downfall, though, is eating any sweets. If I eat something sweet, even just a little, it snowballs and I crave more sweets and other things. I know that they do this to me, but it's hard sometimes saying NO! Like last night, my DH and DD decided to bake a banana cake. The cake probably wouldn't bother me (and isn't bad calorie count-wise) and I could eat a little and be fine, but they had to lather it with homemade icing....ugh! Now, I think what I'm going to do is just scrap all of the icing off. Let's see if it works. I haven't had ANY yet, but will have a small piece tonight with my tea. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

    Here's to this weekend!!!! Let's DO it!!!! emoticon
    3774 days ago

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    I understand the weekend thing, and I don't even have a family!

    Please keep spakrin gon the weekends, you seem to have proven to yourself that spark gives you the motivation and the strenghth you need, great observation to make.

    May this weekend be successful for you!
    3774 days ago
  • JRIMM4
    You've got a great, well thought out plan! I can relate to having my 'schedule' affected, that happens to me in the evenings. I find myself wandering around waiting for... well something! I've been working on that one lately. Have a fantastic weekend!

    3774 days ago
  • CMILLER1227
    Looks like a great plan!!! So real deep thought there!! You Can do it!!!
    3774 days ago
  • NICKI109
    OK, I might just have to borrow your plan and sign my name at the bottom :) I am right there with you this weekend, although I had a bad eating week to go along with it. Saturday night I am going out to eat at a place called Gus Oconnors, not my choice but from what I am told its basically all comfort food. Not much choice for eating healthy so it should be interesting. Good side, is afterwards we are going dancing so hopefully I will burn it off. I am going to have a great weekend, and so are you. I will write you tomorrow morning and check in on you, and then again on Sunday so be ready :) Have a great Friday

    3774 days ago
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    3774 days ago

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    3774 days ago
  • LYON77
    I am proud of you for thinking about yourself honestly and walking yourself through your good and bad habits. Like Dr. Phil likes to say you cant change what you dont acknowledge. And the word knowledge is in the word acknowledge. So now you have the right information to make better decisions. Weekends are a huge challenge for most people I would think. I get nervous too but I try to stick with eating things that I normally would pack for my work week lunch, etc. Good luck with this weekend! I am sure you will start to find more successes the more you are aware and the more you practice!Way to Go!!!! Check in this weekend and let me know how its going or feel free to vent if you are struggling..........I check spark a lot!

    Have a fantastic Friday and a healthy weekend!!! YOU CAN DO THIS! Weekends.............the final frontier!!!!! Bring it!
    3774 days ago
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