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Is it Enough?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There are 22 more days in my countdown. I am beyond excited about my plans to spend time with family and friends in March! My niece is turning 7 and she is an amazing little lady that I could just yum up!!! She and I are like soul twins! LOL! She gets me and I totally get where she is coming from. She has a sparkle and presence that just makes being with her a fun thing to look forward to. We have dance competitions when I am home. We sing, we color, we do everything girly you can think of. Pink, pink, pink! Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!

One day I'm going to write a book about how loving her has helped me learn to love me. I want nothing but the very best for her. I want her to be happy, healthy, loved, protected, adventurous . . . you know Brave, Bold, Fierce and Fabulous. I have made it a rule to not allow myself to say anything to or about myself that I would not say aloud to her or to anyone else that I love. If I would not say "you are a fat cow" to anyone else . . . why would I say that to myself. I refuse to be part of the abuse that happens to my soul ever again.

In the past 46 days or so (lost count), I have endeavored to change my 'rear view' in project "She's Got Legs". I can truly say that no one could work any harder than I have. No one could be more diligent in their diet than I have. I did not go on a stricter diet, just adhered to the tenants of my eating plan as close as I possible could.

I upped the frequency and intensity of my lower body workouts. I sought out and used the most effective exercise I know of to hit the targeted areas. I am seeing some progress and I will share those pictures with you. However, when I looked at my bikini progress pictures this time I noticed that over the past three months my body has not changed much. Yes, I got into a pair of pants that I couldn't wear and my clothes fit differently. But when stripped down to my bikini, my body is very much the same.

And I ask myself, Is It Enough. Can I be satisfied with what I have accomplished, knowing that this is as good as it gets. Don't get me wrong, what I got is much better than I could have ever dreamed. This has been an amazing journey to this point. Will it be enough for me to continue working on my health, strength and fitness? I know that the muscles are there and that they getting stronger. Due to excess skin, I don't know that I will ever see them as much as I can feel them. I'm not discouraged. I hope that comes across. I am just questioning myself aloud. If this is as good as it gets, it is enough.

Is it enough to wake up every day feeling healthy and strong.?

Is it enough to be able to run a marathon?

Is it enough to now focus on helping others set goals and educate them on how to be healthy and strong?

Is it enough to have the healthiest relationship I have ever had with myself, food and the people I love.

Is it enough that I now know who I am and I like me?

One of my little says I repeat to people who question what I do and why I do it is "If you knew what I know, you would do what I do and if you did what I do you'd get what I got." With that being said, here are the picture results for 45 days of leg work.

I will continue the 'project' and keep progressing toward my goals . . . it is enough.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    dang.. not hard to see that your hard work is totally paying off! GO GIRL

    3766 days ago
    I ask myself that question nearly every day. Is it enough? What else do I want to do with my body? What else CAN I possibly do with my body at my age?

    I love, love, love this blog and my favorite line is the last one. You are helping to change lots of lives, including mine.
    3766 days ago
    You are tight and that's the difference! You look FABULOUS!!!
    3767 days ago
    I am seeing differences and more definitions:)
    3768 days ago
    Darlin'...look closer. Your butt has changed and is less than it was before which means it is MORE what you want it to be. Plus, less cellulite in your legs. Maybe you need a macro-lense! :) Love you, sister!!
    3768 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8710944
    oh yes number one your amazing!
    number two my god woman I can see some changes. Yes in your legs thighs and under the arms! Never doubt or let a bikini play mind games with you. You do look smokin like your other friends said. I think your doing this all right, very healthy and your mind spirt heart and soul will be thanking you everyday.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3768 days ago
    You are wise. And HAWT. emoticon
    3768 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    Wow. Look at this smoking body you've created for yourself! All that effort certainly has paid off.

    Is it enough? This is a really interesting question. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights around it. I've learned so much in the year that I've been following your progress.

    3768 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    Love that "little saying"! Keep up the great work, you are so inspirational!
    3768 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    You rock gf Glad to always read your blogs and be on your team!
    3768 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/17/2011 2:15:57 AM
    Yup, the difference is there! You have a smaller bum and less on the hips. But I also notice a difference in your torso. Your hour glass is much curvier, smaller at the waist. Way to Go!
    3768 days ago
    I can see a huge difference in your thighs! Great progress!
    3769 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I do see a difference - it's subtle, but it's there. And you're far from being done - we're never done! Be proud of what you've accomplished!
    3769 days ago
    Carolyn - there is a difference - I can see your thighs are smaller and your bikini bottom is covering up so much more than it was before!!! Keep the faith girl - you are making capital P progress!
    3769 days ago
    Sometimes we just need the help of others to help us see what doesn't exactly 'jump' at us..... and YES my dear, you can see an tremendous difference between the photos!! How about the measurements, what are they telling you? I'm sure they speak volumes! Anyhoot, you're doing great and keep being brave, bold, fierce & fabulous!!! emoticon
    3769 days ago
    WOWIE, ZOWIE, Carolyn!

    3769 days ago
    There is a significant difference. You look great. The question is, " Is it enough for you?" I don't think so. I think the race is about more than the finish line for you. You're reveling in the process and as long as you enjoy the pursuit of a strong, healthy, gorgeous body I say go for it. You are definitely reaping the benefits of all your hard work. As for the excess skin, I hear it will shrink over time. Although I can't support this with personal experience. lol I've also heard that there are laser treatments that will speed up the process. I'm keeping the number to that clinic on speed dial should the necessity ever arise. (fingers crossed here) Have an awesome day gorgeous.
    3769 days ago
    Wow, talk about the proof is in the pictures! You can totally see an improve me in the pic on the RIGHT!

    Smaller, flatter butt, less 'cottage cheese, narrower thighs

    I think you made HUGE improvement in a very short amount of time!!
    3769 days ago
    There is not way to distort this or "read" into these pictures! They are taken at the same distance so therefore what I see is accurate!

    YOUR booty is NARROWER!!!! I can see it plain as day!

    YOUR saddlebags are much much smaller!
    YOUR THIGHS are slimmer/smaller!

    YOU look fantastic!

    I love your part you wrote about your precious niece! WHAT a great thing to have a bond like that with her! YOU will influence her well in her years to come! SOMEONE she can confide in and rely and and ASPIRE to be like! (wink)

    Share some thoughts in a blog someday about how your niece has helped you love you! I would love to read it!
    3769 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3035359
    Love your blog!

    I have always said that my kids "fixed" me. I am so glad that your niece inspires you the same way. I actually joined the gym the first time because an older member said "then don't join for you, join so that your daughter knows it is okay to take care of herself!" That comment, said by a stranger at the gym, changed my life!

    And yes, it is enough!
    3769 days ago
    I can see the difference.
    Definitely more toned.
    No wonder your clothes are fitting differently.
    You ROCK!!!
    Keep up the good work!
    emoticon emoticon
    3769 days ago
    Oh girl! You do have legs!!!! You look amazing and I can tell the difference between the photos!!! Thanks so much for being an inspriation. Today when I stepped on the scale and it hasn't moved (in fact it hasn't moved all week) I started to get discouraged but I remembered some of your posts and had to stop and think if the scale is what makes me. No it isn't! Clothes are fitting differently. I feel different etc! So thank you for sharing your struggles and accomplishments!!
    3769 days ago
    i too have excess skin, plus i have no waist!!!! so i look straight as a board in my clothes. naked u can see some shape. but i ain't gonna go around naked!!!! it would scare everyone to death and they would beg me to put some clothes on. u are doing great!!!! i need to start exercising again some. i have been lazy all winter and done nothing. it is warm here in the atl this week, so i need to get out and move. walk or ride my bike. i will never be one who can go to the gym and work out. it's just not my forte. i would love to be abe to start running, but i don't know if i will ever be able to do that. hugs diane

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3769 days ago
    I usually tend to be a woman of few words. The problem with that is that there is just SO much that could be said. With that, I'll say this: Carolyn, you are a work in progress and you always will be; along with the development of your physical self comes the growth of your intellectual and spiritual self. In a nutshell, you are blossoming and it's a beautiful sight.

    LOVE you!

    3769 days ago
    This brought me to tears. I learn so much each time I come here to read your words. The way that you discovered true love for yourself through the special love you have for your niece is powerful and so beautiful. We can all employ that theory as we discover how to be accepting and loving of who we are right in this moment. I just have to say that the results I see are dramatic. I would never dare dream that any amount of diligent work could produce the results you have achieved...everything you read about women and weight-loss in our 40's is completely contrary to what you are showing the world. The back of your legs are now smooth and shapely, your hips now a lovely curve, your booty is lifted and you have tiny little ankles. The back and arms are just popping with new definition. That body belongs confidently parked on a sexy beach somewhere! Enough? That is a loaded question, but seeing you is certainly enough to keep me reaching for the best I can be. I will be first in line for that book : D emoticon emoticon
    3769 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/16/2011 10:17:33 AM
    You have accomplished two of my dreams. I want to be able to step up onto a high surface w/o having to climb onto it. (I also want to do it holding heavy weights.) You do that in your work outs very often. I sigh in amazement every time I read it. And you have posted pictures of your body in progress wearing a bikini. I'm going to do both... eventually.

    I know that you are focusing on your legs, but your whole body looks different to me. Yes, you want more and I get that but um, the top parts of your legs will be covered by a fabulous dress, right? So the bottom is what will show and they have great definition. I'm so excited for you!

    3769 days ago
    You should be so proud of yourself~~ If I was where you were, I would not even wear clothes anymore. You are hot hot hot!! You have done great, vask in that and love yourself like you love everyone else!!! LOVE YOU~~ emoticon
    3769 days ago
    I know exactly where you're coming from! I, too, question myself and think maybe this is it. I know how strong I am and that there is nothing in life that I can not do. But how do you reconcile your heart with the view in the mirror? That is my challenge. Will I continue to workout hard and play hard, absolutely. Will I plug away at logging nutrition and fitness minutes, absolutely. Does my husband and daughter adore me and think I'm a beautiful person, absolutely. Do my body look rock hard and sculpted, nope; but my head and heart know that it's capable of anything I ask it to do, it's enough.
    3769 days ago
    I think you have done awesome. I do know we keep going and never quit. I too have the excess skin, but I know how much I love being healthy too. Your neice sounds awesome!
    3769 days ago
    First off..you sound like an awesome Aunt! I wish my girls had a cool aunt like that :)

    Ok on to the pics: first thing I noticed is how much more territory your bottoms cover = smaller bottom!!! Your hips look smoother as well as your upper thighs under your bottoms. there is obviously less fat around the backs of your knees...you can see it shrink in around the bone. Everything is looking smoother!
    3769 days ago
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