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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know, I took a little liberty with the wording there. I'm taking a little step back from my training plan today and tomorrow. I have been hammering it as hard as I can for the past six weeks without fail. I have felt invincible. Super strong. Getting faster. Seeing the desired results.

The first couple weeks were amazing!!! Oh, my! Workouts were amazing. I felt like I had just won by a knock out after each session in the gym. By Thursday of the third week I was feeling drained and would have to push myself to do Thursday nights workout and then have Friday as a rest day and use the weekend for my long run, rest, catch up on chores and studying and cooking for the next week.

The fourth week I had the same thing, feeling worn out by Thurday. On week five I was worn out on Wednesday so I did not push myself into the gym. I took the night off for some relaxing dinner out by myself. Week six I was worn out on Tuesday night so I just did some light cardio (Just Dance 2) for 30 minutes and checked out some moves on my TRX.

Last night I was feeling like I was dragging myself into the gym. I just was not feeling it. I kept trying to give myself a pep talk and 'get my head in the game'. Get tough, dig deep, you got this girl. I pushed out my 50 push ups turning up my favorite theme music. Still not feeling it, but keeping good form and pushing through. 100 Abdominal Extensions. Let's go girl, you can do this. It's upper body night which I usually LOVE!!! I mean what it not to love about delts, lats, pecs, bi's and tri's!!!!! Bam! Love my Gun & Wing night!!!

I move to the first set of delt raises and I can't lift the weight I usually lift and go down in weight. That ain't good. We are working on progression here. So, I abandon the delt work and head to lat pulls. Lat pull strength was good, I was able to go up to 85# (usually do 75#). Then I moved to seated cable rows. Again I had to lightened the load after the first set. Not good. What is going on here? I go to the weight bench to do my low bar pull ups (this is kinda like a reverse push up. . . I am under the bar and pull my chest up to the bar). I am able to finish my three sets of 15, but realize I am struggling more than usual and I'm still not feeling the 'stoked' feeling I get from these exercises.

I walk to get some water and towel myself off. I've barely worked up a glow. This is not usual. I drink some water. Write down my 'progress'. Analyze what is going on and do another 'gut' check. It's time to go home. I hear this in my head but have a hard time reconciling it. I'm not even half way through my workout. Again . . . "Go home. You are not making progress, you are going through motions. Rest. Rebuild. Live to fight another day." Yep. That is my actual self talk. A little cocky don't you think? Especially for a girl who is pulling off her lifting gloves and packing up her gym bag.

The past two week I have had the constant sniffles, increasing frequency of fatigue and this week increased irritability. Guess what? Those are sure signs of over training. It's time to respect that I need two consecutive days off from lifting. During these two days I will be eating more veggies, drinking more green tea and doing some yoga each day.

Other than that, I will rest. I will eat good foods. I will relax my body and my mind. I will respect all that my body allows me to do by honoring it's needs.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your attitude of listening to your body and respecting what it is telling you. I'm working on it! Thanks for the great example.
    3773 days ago
    Sounds like you needed that rest! Gambatte!
    3774 days ago
    thank you for always being "real" with us... it helps... and I still think you're superwoman!

    3776 days ago
    You displayed another strength - knowing when to stop and actually doing it and leaving the gym. Thanks for sharing about that experience and reminding us all about what overtraining feels like. emoticon
    3776 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    emoticon that you are listening to your body. You look amazing so a small rest is needed, debby
    3776 days ago
    It's best to listen to your body and back down a bit when you need to.

    Yoga is always a good relief.

    Namaste my friend...

    3776 days ago
  • LASHAY74
    Get your rest....then you will come back relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to hammer out those reps!

    Enjoy your rest weekend! YOU HAVE EARNED IT!

    3776 days ago
    Good for you for listening to your body. Let your body heal!
    3777 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5826541
    great job on knowing when is enough! you will come out stronger and more ready to bring it!
    3777 days ago
    I think it's good to listen to our bodies! Good job! I hope tomorrow feels better for you. emoticon
    3777 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    Just love the "Guns and Wings Night" !! emoticon emoticon
    I hope the second rest day from weights does the trick!
    3777 days ago
    You did the right thing. You've got to listen to your body. It's hard sometimes when your used to pushing yourself so hard. An extra day of rest means you'll be back 2 x stronger and harder at it. Enjoy the rest!
    3777 days ago
    You're doing the right thing. The last thing you want to do is burn out. Our bodies need rest just as much as they need good, solid exercise. Feel better, be better.
    3777 days ago
    Its hard to recognise when we have overtrained. Its so important to listen to your body. I know it feels like you are missing out on your workout but you will be better for it and like you said, you will be able to fight another day once you have rested.
    3777 days ago
    You made the right decision in heading home, too often we do not recognize the signs of overtraining. emoticon
    3777 days ago
    Been there these last few weeks with being sick and trying to keep to my strength-training and cardio routines when my body just doesn't want it. It's hard to reconcile what I want from my body with what my mind wants it to accomplish! You have earned the rest and your body is begging for it, though! Get you some! Sounds like a good recovery plan!! emoticon
    3777 days ago
    Totally fabulous to be so in tune with your body and to pay attention to what it is telling you! Hope the few days gives you what you need.
    3777 days ago
    Listen to your body. The athlete's mantra. It's hard to pull back and rest sometimes but the ensuing results will be worth it. Smart of you to recognize the need. You are so together! Enjoy the rest.
    3777 days ago
    I know how you feel (You KNOW it!!) I know it's so hard to give yourself a break when you feel like you SHOULD keep moving, but you really helped me to see that a bit of rest is valuable, so I hope to return the favour. Take a rest... then you will have renewed energy!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3777 days ago
    Honor thy Body...a new commandment : ) So happy to see you taking time to care for yourself and as always, learning from the process and your example. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3777 days ago
    You posted this on the right day. I've been hitting the gym hard too on top of triathlon training. I can feel myself being drained but I so don't want to take a day off because the scale isn't moving and I'm afraid if I do I wont make any progress. But reading your post makes me realize that hey, I'm not going to do any good if I over train! Keep up the amazing work you do for yourself and so many others!!!
    3777 days ago
    Oh Carolyn - you did the right thing!!!! Overtraining is such an issue that many people don't recognize (I never recognize it, because well....I never do it...I"m too lazy emoticon ). Take some you time, bubble baths and teas. Rest and relax and feel better!!!!!
    3777 days ago
    Sounds very good Carolyn!! Wishing you a restful peaceful few days! emoticon
    3777 days ago
    I think you made a great decision about the rest for your body! You'll be back at it soon - rest is part of the building process, even though it doesn't always seem that way!

    3777 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8710944
    Good for you!! emoticon Smart lady
    3777 days ago
    You know what? I went through something very similar yesterday - my friend bailed out of our power yoga session last night, and I decided that perhaps I should do the same, since I've been getting really groggy around 2 pm every day this week. So I went home, stretched for 20 minutes, and went to bed at 8:15. Today I feel 100% better, but I realize that this means I've been overtraining too. Three cheers for taking a step back, huh? And congrats on your amazing progress to date!!! :)
    3777 days ago
    You're a wise woman Carolyn! emoticon

    I really do wish I lived close so that I could work/train with you!

    emoticon Kelli
    3777 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2035636
    I am proud you listened to your body. It is hard to hear it sometimes - we just want to keep going cause well we think we should.
    3777 days ago
    Respecting your body is what it is ALL ABOUT!! Good for you for recognizing that. Take care of yourself, Carolyn! (I'm sure you will!) I've been drinking a bunch of green tea, and eating my veggies too, to try and beat this flu.
    3777 days ago
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