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Reflecting on Love

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love is such an amazing thing. When you truly love someone you want the very best for them. You put their best interest first. You can want the people whom you love to take a more active role in their health and well being, but you can't make them do it. You can love them unconditionally and want them to be healthy and strong for years to come. I have experienced first hand the frustration of wanting my hubby to exercise more and to do some strength training. I let that go, because I love him enough to let him decide what is best for him. However, when I back off from what I desire, I realized that he doesn't think it is important because he doesn't understand what I know about physiology and why it is I want him to exercise. When I change my approach to be one of wanting him to understand so that he can make his own choices instead of one of just do what I say, then there is room for growth.

For over nine months I have been discussing the need for my mother to do some strength training. We talked about muscle mass, posture changes, metabolism, etc. She didn't see how it would make a difference at her age. She is only 61. So, last night she called me to thank me for the yummy salmon patty recipe I had shared with her a couple weeks ago. She had told me that she wanted to start eating salmon but that she hated it. I told her she would love it, if she knew how to make it or if she tried salmon patties. So, she was willing to give it a whirl and she loved it! Eats salmon 2 - 3 times a week now. Then she is so excited to tell me some of the other things she is trying. I am so excited for her! I love her so much.

I tell her about a video clip I saw on YouTube of Ginger Rogers at age 92 dancing the salsa. We talked about the strength, agility and flexibility it takes to be able to do that. Then I say to her, mom Ginger wouldn't be doing that at 92 if she didn't take care of herself when she was 61. I really want you to be strong enough to do whatever you want to do when you are 92. Then I share this information. That is why I want you to start doing resistance training. When you exert force on a muscle, the muscle shorts which pulls on the tendon which pulls or applies pressure to the bony attachment. The muscle gets stronger, the tendon gets more pliable and the bone gets stronger. Stronger bones support us and help us keep good spinal alignment. Flexibility keeps us young and agile. Strong muscles keep us active and independent. I love you and want you to be healthy and strong today and always.

I will be visiting her in March. I am looking forward to our time of cooking up some yummy clean foods in her kitchen and then doing a strength training routine I am designing for her. The best part is, she is excited and wants that too. It feels good to share something I have a passion for with the people I love the most.

While I am reflecting on love, I would invite you to stop by the page of my dear friend Karlyn to see love in action. I will not share the details about this beautiful young ladies journey with you here, I will ask you to discover it for yourself. To know her is to be loved by her. She gives so much, even in her time of need. Send some prayers, love and well wishes to Karlyn today.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This was a great read. Thank you so much for sharing...I kinda needed a nice emotional connection to something today. I'm so proud of you and your Momma! Oh, and I second the salmon patty recipe question...

    Thank you sweetie for all that you do on here.
    3762 days ago
    Thank you for such a wonderful blog Carolyn...it really brings it home for me. My mother is going 84 this year and I truly am concerned about her latter years on this earth. She's a strong hard-headed woman...hmmm, wonder where I got that from and she has endured a lot in her life. She still gets around and still drives to her senior center every day to be with her friends. She lives 350 miles south of me so it's hard to know every single thing that goes through each day. I know she gets the exercise she needs just by her hard-headedness because she never stays still for a minute...LOL!

    Great blog and thank you for telling us about Karlyn. My prayers are with her and her family.
    3762 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder.. so very true...
    3764 days ago
    You're a loving, caring daughter/wife and a kind compassionate friend. Thanks for sharing your insights. Helping people to make informed choices is by far the best approach.
    3764 days ago
  • JEWELS692
    Hey Carolyn, love this blog.. very right on emoticon
    by the way did you post that salmon pattie recipe on SP??? it sounds grate
    3764 days ago
  • ROSIE777
    Love the blog my sweet friend. Thank you so much for sharing. emoticon
    ¸¸.•´¸.•*¨) ♥¸.•*¨)† Many Blessings, Rosie
    (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•*´¨`* ♥☆¸.•*´¨`*♥☆

    3764 days ago
    Loved this blog.....it is my life too! My husband is trying so hard to get healthy as well, but I get really sad sometimes thinking about the BAD example I was for years to him and my children. But you cannot change the past, but you can definately strive to change the future. I do control the food in my house, so EVERYONE eats pretty healthy, and my husband is starting to excercise with me. My 19yr old son has recently lost 15lbs, I am one happy momma.....Thanks for the blog, it is so nice to hear how others view these things. You are a real inspiration.....
    3764 days ago
    Your mom is lucky to have you.
    3764 days ago
    Great blog. I love it when family members look to us to "show them they way"

    3764 days ago
    So true!
    3765 days ago
    Nice to hear about mom making changes. It's so hard to see your loved ones on a path that is not conducive to good health in the future. Keep on trying with your hubby in sweet subtle ways. He has to know that what you are doing is AMAZING because just LOOK AT YOU! You have been so inspiring. Hope you have a wonderful week. Keep on keeping on!
    3765 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    It is hard to watch our loved ones make poor choices around food/exercise without trying to convince them to make healthier ones. I don't find talking to be very effect though - unless they've asked me for the information. But as time goes by, I notice hubby making better choices. I think just watching me change has inspired him.

    Having followed you over the last year, I can only imagine that your family must be amazed by your transformation. When you walk the talk, it's easier to listen. I hope your mum is inspired by you and opens herself up to your good advice.

    One of my snowshoeing buddies is a fit 73. She lost 40lbs & started exercising regularly when she was 55. She really inspires me because these are pretty difficult trails we're doing & I hope that by following her example I can be just as active later in life.

    Thanks for another wonderful blog!
    3765 days ago
    Love this
    3765 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Awesome blog. I have a hard time communicating to other the methods I know that would help them (like telling your mom to strength train a little). I always try to make it clear though that I am there if they need anything!
    3765 days ago
    oh how I could be wrighting this blog as you know.My hubby promised the Drs that he would really work on his health, diet smoking soda, everything. The first thing I am going to do when he gets home is get him a gym membership. Thank you so much Carolyn for all of your support. I love yoU~
    3765 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    Tell mom to look up Ms. Ernestine Shepherd a trainer who is about 65 years young. She recently took a first in a body builder's contest where the other ladies were young enough to be her daughters.
    3765 days ago
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