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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Soooooo, as you might know, I am going to the Arnold Sports festival this weekend!!!! Just in case I didn't mention it before! LOL!!! I was telling my mom about it on the phone. I said "Mom! I get to meet Tosca Reno!" She said "Yay! I have no idea who she is but you sound excited, so I am happy for you." Then I said "Mom! Eva Cowan is going to be there!!! " Again she said "Yay" I said "I feel like a six year old girl who just found out she is meeting the 'real' Disney Princesses" To which my mom can totally relate because my niece (her granddaughter) is gaga over the Disney Princesses and pretends to be a princess all the time. Well, isn't that what I'm still doing? I see my role models in Oxygen magazine. I study their workouts, I learn how to eat clean and lift mean so that I can get lean! I want to be just like them when I grow up! Minus the stage competition and barely there bikini.

I have been preparing all week as if I am one of the fitness models about to compete. I have cleaned up and tightened up my diet. Not doing extra workouts, actually getting extra rest. I don't want to break down my healthy balance. And I don't want to be overly sore before I get to the expo.

I've been trying to decide what to wear. I posted a couple pictures on FB for friends and family to help me decide. And then a friend who has been to some of these conventions, said I should wear something comfy that I can workout in and try new things in. YAY! I was happy because I just got a new pair of yoga pants that I really like and wanted to wear! And to tell you the truth, none of my clothes are fitting me in a very flattering way these days. Especially after this week of eating from the cooler 1 plan from Tosca's book, Eat-Clean Diet Recharged.

Here is a little peek of the space that was created in just over a month:

That waist band was really snug back at Christmas time. Now, look at all that space!

After work today I went out to T J Maxx to see if I could find some cute clothes that fit. Nothing! Everything looks so drab or matronly! Unless I can wear junior sizes . . NOT! But I did find a cute pair of yoga pants and a new sports bra I liked!

I will take these with me this weekend. I already have selected the outfit I will wear on Saturday, I think! LOL!!! Planning to wear black yoga pants and a watermelon pink Under Armour v-neck workout shirt and a pair of gym shoes. Gotta wear pink! Or my other favorite color . . . turquoise! Whatever I decide I'm sure I will be having so much fun I will not even care! Who knows, maybe I will find some cute stuff there!

I'll be sure to take pics and post them!

Be blessed! Be beautiful! Be YOU!
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