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Saturday, March 05, 2011

I was so excited to meet Tosca today! Her story was inspirational to me in seeking my best body! I figured if she could do that after the ago of 40, there might be some hope for me! And I am never disappointed with the results I get from my efforts. My body continues to heal and change from the inside out!

I had the convention center map marked as to where Tosca's booth would be and the fastest route to get there. I was on a mission! I rehearsed it with hubby! Through the doors, turn left, got down to isle 1200. My strategy paid off! I was second in line to meet Tosca and get a book (or two signed).

I started to cry as I told her the joy I experience every day that I see the changes in my body. And that my life is simply amazing and I feel truly blessed. She started tearing up and gave the me sweetest, most sincere feeling hug.

She grabbed my hand and said you are our first success story of the day! We have to get this on video. But before she directed me to go with her publicist, we got a good picture together.

Wendy, her publicist, was so sweet (everyone on the team was just lovely). She made me feel comfortable, but I was so emotional, it was hard to think of all I wanted to say. Gladly she had questions to ask me. And we had a great conversation. She gave me her card and asked me to submit my story in pictures to her. See! That is why it is important to take those pictures all along the way!!!

This all happened at 9 a.m. in the morning and the launch party for Stripped wasn't until 2 pm.
So, I spent some time walking around absorbing the whole circus like environment. I have to say that Oxygen is my favorite role models. The girls look healthy, strong and feminine.

Oh, you probably know this little sweet pixie, Jamie Eason! Just as nice as can be! Short story. Since I was so early getting to the Oxygen booth, Tosca was not there yet. But Jamie was! There was no line, so I had hubby take our picture! Later after meeting Tosca, I went to look at the photos so I could send some to Amy (Fitchick75) and there was no picture of Jamie and I. My hubby had not saved it. So, when I was sitting in the interview chair with Wendy, they were adjusting lighting and sound and I said to Wendy that my hubby hadn't saved the picture and now the line to see Jamie was super long. She said "no problem, we can fix that for you". So after my interview, Wendy wend over, told Jamie what had happened and she was so darling about it. She stepped away from the crowd and came over to have a picture taken with me! Yay! Love her!

I have to say I saw a lot of things that just made me sad. Women in particular, who had crossed a line where they no longer looked healthy and strong, but gaunt and sickly. Skin and hair dry and lifeless, with painted on tans that made them look like roasted coffee beans with boobs. That is not a picture of health. I also saw several women bodybuilders who no longer looked like women. I had to wonder if the degrees of changed has been so subtle that they lost sight of the changes that were taking place or whether that was their desired outcome. It didn't look natural, healthy and certainly not fit.

I actually had this picture taken to show how massive these gals are! Fitness models are teeny tiny. So, I felt like a giant! Then I saw these gals! Wow! I feel so petite!

I had to get out of the crowded convention center. It was wall to wall people and I was exhausted from walking and getting bumped around. So, hubby and I went to the arena where the CrossFit games were happening! Now, this is fitness! These guys are athletes. I like this! Functional fitness, not painted on tans and pretty velvet suits. CrossFit should be in the Olympics! We enjoyed watching the athletes line up and trying to pick out who we thought would lean the pack. After a little rest and lots of water. I unrolled my yoga mat (that I bought there) did 2 sets of 20 push ups, 2 sets of 20 reverse crunches, 2 sets of 20 cross crunches, 5 sun salutations and some amazing yoga warrior rounds. It felt so good to move my body, clear my head and re-energize myself.

It was now time to head by to the Oxygen booth for the Launch Party! I was first there AGAIN! I had the best place to stand near the stage. I started talking to this gal on the Eat Clean team, and I was thinking I feel so comfortable talking to her, like I've known her my whole life. Then she asks me if I have before and after pics, and I show her mine and she tells me that she used to be 200 lbs. and then it dawns on me . . . she is one of the success stories that has inspired me on the Eat Clean website! We exchange email info and facebook information and of course I had my picture taken with my new friend, Allison!

Then it was time to officially announce the launch of the newest book from Tosca!

There were t-shirts being thrown out! I caught two!!! Love it!

I was now so exhausted! It was time to leave. It was cold, rainy, and windy outside. But I had a good day!

Throughout this day, I gained a whole new appreciation for the body I have and my health and fitness. I love being me. I don't want to have 8% body fat. I don't need massive muscles. I don't need a trophy (no knocking those who do . . . some friends who I adore have that as a goal) . . . but it's not who I am.

This is me!

Wow! I am blessed!

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