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My 2 year Sparks anniversary

Monday, March 07, 2011

Wow! 2 years ago today I set out to change my ways to a healthier lifestyle. My how time flies! For the first year I was quite successful. I lost 50 pounds and quit smoking. I tracked my food and exercise without fail. Then I started slacking off on things...I quit tracking. Before long I started making excuses for not exercising, and then some of my bad eating habits came back on the scene. I started to regain some of the weight. I got depressed and disappointed with myself. And then I did the worst thing I could have ever done....I lit up a cigarette.

So now, on this my 2nd anniversary, I am writing this blog to come clean. And to rededicate myself to my journey for a healthy lifestyle. I am almost starting over. But this time around I have the knowledge. I just have to keep motivated to put it to use!

I am not sure of my weight as of this writing...I believe I am around the 190 mark. And smoking....not like before... (3-4 cigs. per day right now), but 1 is toooo many when it comes to that. Tomorrow morning I shall get my official starting over weight and I am going to track my food and water. And exercise...even if only a short walk to start. I have already placed a couple of motivational notes to myself on the mirror and the refrigerator so that I will see them first thing in the morning. No excuses!

I know I want to feel the way I was feeling when I was eating right, exercising, and not smoking again. I had sooooo much energy. And I looked much better too. And I felt much happier as well. I know I can do this....I am ready!
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