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Look how far you've come, baby!!!"

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My run was such a struggle for me today. As a routine, I have to spend time each morning playing my mind game. The one where my mind tells me to just skip my workout...and where I say NO...I'm going to do that workout no matter what! I actually do a great job at winning this mind game and always feel better once I get into my workout.

Today...I was fighting the mind game the entire time. It was like in the cartoons when you have the good angel in white on one shoulder telling you that you're making the right decisions and doing great! And on the other shoulder you have the bad angel in black telling you that you're wasting your time, what are you working so hard for, just stop.
Why was I having such a hard time today? As I was working my way through my mind game and pushing myself to keep running, I gave this some serious thought and I came up with the conclusion that perhaps we're given these days to remind us how far we've come!

I still consider myself a beginner runner. I started running on the treadmill in September, but only for a minute at a time. I kept working on increasing those distances until I was up to 5 minutes, then 7 minutes, then 15 minutes...I kept working at it until I was up to 3 nonstop miles. At that point I took my run to the trail. That didn't start out so well as it was new to me, out of my comfort zone, and I could feel it much differently in my muscles. I kept working at it though and eventually I fell in love with running on the trail and was going 3.6 miles nonstop. I loved it so much that I'd be out there rain or shine and in all temperatures. Now I'm up to over 4 nonstop miles and absolutely love the challenge and accomplishment that I get from it every time!

What's important to point out is that I've never enjoyed running...in fact, I could safely say that I hated it. At one point my husband wanted a treadmill and I told him I'd never get on the thing. My first lesson learned here was that I should never say never because you don't know if you don't give it a try. One day I just suddenly had a curiosity for it and got on that treadmill. I now remind myself of this whenever I tell myself that I can't or don't want to do something.

So all of this is going through my mind today while I'm running. I really wanted to stop at a half mile, but I kept working the mind game and thinking about how far I've come...and I kept running. Before I knew it, I had finished my 4 miles!!!
Some things I learned today...
Quitting is easy, and so was gaining weight.
Never count myself out before I've tried something, because I'm capable of anything I set my mind to!
I'm in this for life and I can absolutely finish what I've started!

Also...by the end of my 4 miles, I had to tell myself..."Look how far you've come, baby"!

I think todays struggles gave me the opportunity to really think about that! I'm very proud of how far I've come and I know there's no limit to what I'm capable of!!!

We all get days were our workouts are more of a struggle than others. I hope my thoughts today help you get through your struggles with an appreciation for how far you've come! What have you been able to do that you didn't think you could? What progress and successes are you proud of?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What an emoticon blog how inspirational as well emoticon 4 miles non stop run only in my dreams You have done a awesome job in learning to love to run maybe you can rub some of that love on to me I never liked to run either but I do try So true never say "NEVER" we just don't know what we actually will love

    3711 days ago
  • LYON77
    This is a wonderful blog!!! You already know how much you inspire me!!!! It is amazing what your body can accomplish when you keep pushing your body but also give it patience and time to grow and adapt. I am so proud of your running accomplishments and very happy and honored to get to be your friend! Thank you for encouraging us all!
    3712 days ago
    I am going to add one more comment to your blog, so maybe you will get 3 pages of comments! Wouldn't that be grand!

    Yep...I hear ya on the mind games. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! You have really shown perseverance in all things; I am in agreement with you regarding the running thing. I never thought I would enjoy running, but now I mostly do!

    When I completed my two half marathons last year, it just blew me away. Our bodies ARE capable of more than we give it credit for. You are doing a beautiful job of celebrating that. I am spark-proud of you!

    Yeah you!
    Julia : )
    3712 days ago
    This sounds just like my morning! I hit the snooze 3 times while arguing in my head that I have to do s/t after work and if I don't run now I won't do it later. Finally I got up and out, half a k in I wanted to stop sooooo bad. Instead I made myself run faster so it would be over sooner. Even with a puppy poop stop I beat my last 3k time.
    These things we used to hate become habits that we love and it is awesome. Congratulations on all your success!!!!!
    3712 days ago
    That's awesome - good for you!!!
    3712 days ago
    great job!!
    3712 days ago
    Great blog!!!!!!!!
    3712 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    What an AMAZING blog and fantastic non-scale victory!! I find that the realization that nothing can stop you is so much more important than the number on the scale or what size of pants you wear! You are a runner, and you are fabulous!! Way to go!! WOOHOO!!! emoticon
    3712 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5589105
    3713 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/16/2012 7:33:16 PM
    You are so right. Just start of small and build upon it. I don't see myself running but maybe 3 - 6 months from now, you never know.
    3713 days ago
    You've been witness via my blogs to all the things I've been doing and learning lately and I appreciate each of your comments and constant support!
    You're doing fabulous, and I know you'll continue on this successful path!
    emoticon emoticon
    3713 days ago
    Way to go! You should be so proud!
    3713 days ago
    Great Blog!
    3713 days ago
  • MEGANBY2011
    Great blog and not at all what I expected! I was never a runner. You made me want to give it a try!!! That is so cool going from nothing to 4 non stop. You Amaze!

    I hate it when you talk yourself into outdoor exercise and then a little voice says, "Go Home!" I pass my house 5 times as I go up and down my hill. I hate it when I really, really want to go in after 1-3 times. How can that be, when I know how good it feels when I do the whole 45 min work out?

    When I am out and and feel like being a quitter, I will think of my friend the winner! emoticon Megan
    3713 days ago
  • NICKI109
    Awesome blog. You HAVE come a long way, so keep up the great work. Thats great that you were able to push yourself through your run. Its so much more rewarding when you know how easily you could have quit. Congrats for making it thru.
    3713 days ago
    We all have that Cartoon conflict Good Vs Evil. It's Human Nature. emoticon on "39" Lbs Lost emoticon .You have come Far.

    Have a Non Conflicted Week.

    3713 days ago
    emoticon We are TOO much alike. I had that little "angel/devil" thing going on last night. But just like you, I finished three miles! I truly don't know why I play those games. It's not every time I run, but about once a while, it hits me. But I always finish it! Rrrr..frustrating.

    AND I can so relate about the treadmill, though I'm still in the beginner's end, okay, maybe half way there.

    Plus, I must say you are an INSPIRATION to me! I never thought I would want to run, but I started, and through listening to you and your comments about running (via our little chats), it helped me change my way of thinking about it. Now I actually look forward to it and am kind of bummed if there are occasions when I can't.

    Thanks for being a great role model! You're the best!!!!

    emoticon You've come a LONG way and can't wait to see where you go next!
    3713 days ago
    WAY TO GO!!!!! So glad you posted this! Very motivational!!!

    3713 days ago
    emoticon You have come a long way, baby! Be proud!
    3713 days ago
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