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Lats,Traps, Pecs & Delts

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Working to get some serious back and shoulder muscles! I want to be able to do a pull up!

Started out at home with my pull up bar - Jump up and isometrically hold at the top of pull up then lower slowly 1/3 of the way and pull back up to the top and squeeze. 5 sets of 5 reps with a 3 minute rest between sets.

Then to the gym:

10 minutes of Rowing Machine

Lat Pulls 2 x 15 x 90# close reverse grip

Dual Pulley Rows 2 x 15 x 75#

Standing Cable Back Flys 2 x 15 x 15#

Delt Raises 2 x 15 x 10#

Free Motion Cable Chest Press 2 x 15 x 40#

Low Bar Pull Up (like a reverse push up) 2 x 15

Standing Military Press 2 x 15 x 30#BB

Push Ups 2 x 15

Bench Press (incline bench) 2 x 15 x 40#BB

Supraspinatus Lift 2 x 15 x 5#

Overhead Rope Pull Downs 2 x 15 x 50#cable

Delt Pulls - against a high power resistance band - 2 x 15

I think I will be feeling this one tomorrow! LOVE IT!
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