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Tri training week 1 kinda-recap. What worked, what sucked!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hi! So I promised a blog today with my tentative training plan and how week 1 is going! This is as much for my own records as well as the curious and maybe my mistakes and successes will help others too! Sorry for the long-windedness, that's just how I am when I write. Not so much in real life at all!

In deciding how to proceed with the training, I looked up several sites on the internet to take a look at sample beginner triathlon plans. The one site I ran across with the most information was beginnertriathlete.com. What a great site with lots of helpful information! They want money for their detailed plans, of course, but you can get a free basic run down of what to do each week. If you are interested, it's here: www.beginnertriathlete.c
Their basic suggestion is to do each type of exercise twice a week (doubling up on some days), with 2 days off. PLUS... two days of core/strength training per week.

Lets see how this week has gone so far....

Sunday..... emoticon emoticon Hungover and layed around all day in agony. I have come to terms with the fact that I have a big problem with binge drinking. Saturday night, I really really overindulged. "I am an alcoholic." Here's a big secret: one of the only times I feel truly happy and free is when I'm drunk. Sad but true! No amount of counseling or rehab will change this fact. This is why I am overweight and it also affects other areas of my life, such as work and finances. I don't drink every day and I don't get drunk every time I drink. Anyway, Saturday night my daughter was at my mom's house after her birthday party, and stayed there until Monday night (this is spring break). All the stresses of organizing and hosting a birthday party over last week needed to be released, STAT, with massive amounts of alcohol. So Sunday I was worthless.

Monday.... emoticon I decided to tackle running today. I haven't run in over a month so I was nervous to see how my legs and lungs would carry me. This is going to sound pretty lame to the real runners out there, but I was happy with how Monday went and my legs felt fantastic!
After warming up...
Run....... Walk
5 min.....2 min
4 min.....2 min
3 min.....2 min
2 min.....2 min
1 min.....3 min
11:45....17:00 approx min/mile. Yes I am slow!
Total running time = 15 minutes

Tuesday.... emoticon Biking was on my list for today! I have a bike I really love, but I took the bike rack off my car a couple months ago so it wouldn't rust in all the rain, and haven't put it back on yet. That's on the list for this weekend. I was resigned to the exercise bike, which I don't feel like really replicates the activity on a real bicycle, but being this is my first week of training, I took what I could get.
35 minutes on upright exercise bike with varying resistance, keeping pace from 16 to 18 miles per hour. Total distance = 9.5 miles and I was bushed!!! (gotta do 12.5 plus run and swim for the event...)

Wednesday.... emoticon I decided to shop for a swimsuit today instead of going to the gym. I did not have any swimsuit bottoms that I would want to wear during a triathlon. I decided I didn't want the regular underwear-type bottoms because of possible chafing during the run and biking portions, so I went with the hot-pant style bottoms (or boy-short, whatever you wanna call them)! OMG, it is so painful trying on swimsuits! Cellulite, rolls, pasty skin, protruding gut, I was even offending myself! I feel so sorry for the other people that have to see me in this outfit. Maybe I will post pics if I get brave enough. I bought a swimsuit top too because it was cute but not sure if I will wear it in the event. It is a halter style and would look too ridiculous with my sports bra which is an absolute must for me for running!! I am thinking I will just swim in my sports bra and fitted nylon exercise top. What do other people do? I have no idea! Any suggestions?!

Thursday... emoticon/ emoticon With my new swimsuit in my gym bag, towel, I am ready and raring to go. My plan for the day was running, followed by swimming. I did not have time to hit the gym during my "lunch" break (it was non-existent today... I am very busy at work right now...I am on salary so I have to finish the project no matter whether I work late or work through lunch.. I would rather work through lunch and eat at my desk!) Going to the gym after work SUCKS big time, because it's SO CROWDED! But I got lucky today and there was a treadmill free right when I needed it. I upped my running time a bit:
2 minute warm up walk, then...
Run....... Walk
5 min.....2 min
5 min.....2 min
3 min.....2 min
2 min.....2 min
2 min.....2 min
1 min.....5 min
11:45....17:00 approx min/mile.
Total running time = 18 min. Legs still feel great!
Back to the locker room, put on swimsuit with massive amounts of other women changing around me, kinda uncomfortable! Very self-aware of unfit body squeezing into my swimsuit. But I did it. That in itself is a victory for me. Head to the shower, get the sweat off, head to the pool soaking wet... emoticon WHAT??!!! There is a water aerobics class going on and I can't do my laps!! Left the pool in a huff! Toweled off and went home! Daughter and fiance were waiting for me to eat dinner and play games, it was 6:30 pm, I didn't have time to do an hour long water aerobics class. Damn! Totally derailed today! At least I got a good run/walk in. I need to pay attention to the water aerobics schedule!

Friday... emoticon Day 2 of attempting to use the pool! I am still at work, haven't gone to the gym yet, but my plan is Biking followed by Swimming! Must check pool schedule! I will do this! Week 1 is almost over and I have yet to get in the pool. I haven't done any strength training this week either!

Things are going to get crazy at work the week after next with working 12-hour shifts from 7pm to 7am, some of you might remember this from the last time I brought a hospital up on our new computer system, it is exhausting and completely fracked up my exercise routine last November. I am trying to figure out how to not let this happen, but there are no gyms nearby where I will be working on the hospital site, and I'm definitely not riding my bike or running in NE Portland in the middle of the night - the hospital is in a "bad" area of town, for sure!! This hospital is situated very appropriately in an area with a lot of gunshot victims and drug overdoses. One of my friends got mugged at gunpoint a few blocks away from it! I may just have to resign myself to taking a few days off exercise.

So friends and curious onlookers... like I said before, any advice and encouragement is appreciated! I will keep updating regularly!

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    1st, relax, you can do this.
    Now that the big day is much closer, I hope you had a chance to get in the pool. If not, don't worry. No one is going to be watching what strokes you are using, I did the doggie paddle for most of my swim! THe important part is that you get thru it. Time is NOT important, trust me!!

    What to focus on now is eating healthy & getting to the gym as often as you can. If you get on the bike, great, if you run, great, if you swim, great, but if you can not do any of these things, don't leave the gym! Get out on the floor, lift some weights, stretch or use the machines! Doing something is better than nothing & every little bit DOES help!

    I will also suggest that you do buy a 'tri suit'. they have 1 piece suits & there are 2 piece, I have a 2 piece b/c they really are much more comfortable. The tops are essentially sports bras, the bottoms are similar to bathing suit bottoms but have more leg to them & have a sham, a small 1 but they do have a sham in them so there is some padding for your bike leg of the race. You will swim in this & then get on your bike so they were designed w/ this in mind. You can use an anti chaffing cream OR... Deodorant works wonders as well & is less expensive. Does the same thing. :)

    Make sure you bring plenty of water w/ you, have an extra bottle already ON your bike for race day, it helps if you freeze the bottle the night before so while your bike is out in the sun, it will keep at least cool.

    And most importantly, keep a positive attitude. emoticon
    3690 days ago
    thanks for the link! and good luck wth the training!
    I don't no anything about alcoholism, but hopefully you can replace the high with runner's high, not hangover there!
    3777 days ago
    Glad to see that you've starting the process of getting in some good training. I'll admit, it is HARD to fit in training with working & kids & families so don't worry about it, I would recommend trying to keep your plan flexible that way you plan for the unexpected. For instance instead of saying TODAY you have to do such & such just make it a weekly goal & fit it in when you can. I will tell ya though that most likely your weekends will be the time that you have to cram in a lot of working out & dare I say it (because I hate it!) you'll probably have to wake up extra early just to squeeze it in! As far as the swimsuit, I would recommend a tri-suit, that way you can go right from swimming to biking. Anyhow, now I'm long winded on a comment LOL you doing great thus far, just keep at it!
    3778 days ago
  • -CORAL-
    Sonia, I think you are on the right track. I think the best bet would be for me to work out before going in! I can ride my bike and/or run around my house... no pool but it will probably only be for 4 days (Hopefully)! I just worry about it making me tired, but even a little bit will be better than nothing!
    3778 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/25/2011 7:14:14 PM
    It took me 3 days to recover from Valen's birthday party last week, too -- weird... I guess they just take a lot out of us.

    It's good that you have a week to plan your exercise for the 12 hour shift week. It seems like the only time-frame you have to work with is -- before 7 pm before you go to work? There's no way you'll be working out AFTER a 12 hour shift... What are your options for 4 or 5 pm workouts that week? Or weeks? How long is the assignment?
    3778 days ago
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