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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, I missed blogging yesterday. But it wasn't because I was lazy or had a bad day. Just a sick kid all day, late dinner and a friend over at night. So, how did day two go?

I ate well. Maybe not enough because I am still learning what foods are best for me. I am afraid of making a mistake. Also, I am learning that I need better preparation. My friend Christine showed me how she prepares a "base" for the protein drink ahead of time that way when she is in a hurry all she has to do is add water and mix. I think I need to do that. Right now it's 2:30 and I haven't eaten ANYTHING yet because I had a chiropractor appointment this morning. And after dealing with getting myself ready, getting baby ready, getting to the appointment (in a downpour) and stopping at Target, I didn't take any time out to eat. Normally I would just stop somewhere and grab something to eat. A salad from Panera sounded awesome... but until I learn what and where I can eat, I have to be careful.

So, right after I finish this blog I will be making myself a pan-seared salmon filet (spicy) with some slices of avocado on top and a romaine salad with homemade dressing. If I get lazy I will sub the salad for something easier. lol. I wanted to do a wilted spinach salad - until I realized I have no spinach. Grrrrrrr.

Yesterday was good though. Eggs in the morning with veggies in them. Had those closer to lunch time so I didn't eat anything else until supper. Made chicken curry. Usually I do a quick chicken curry that's just a jar of salsa, some curry powder and frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot all day. Then I add frozen peas and one can of coconut milk and it's done. Served over rice. Well, this time I had to make a homemade salsa, add curry and simmer it the salsa wasn't so green tasting, cut up my fresh organic chicken and add it and then after simmering that for a while. Threw in my frozen peas. Then I had to make a sauce that was more like a hollandaise (but with coconut oil to add that coconutty flavor). I used that instead of my canned coconut milk. Wow. It was alot longer process but I stayed within my food guidelines and everyone enjoyed it. I did serve it over saffron rice for the rest of my family but I ate it more like a soup.

Tonight.... I plan to make Vegetable Beef Soup... or Vegetable Turkey. Gotta see which ground meat I have more of in my freezer. That meal shouldn't be hard. I make it pretty often. I just have to leave out a few of the things I usually put in. Canned beans (which I love in soup) have additives that I can't have :( And I sometimes use barley but I can't use that right now. I will get creative. Maybe zucchini, extra celery (which I love anyway), bell pepper...

I asked my friend Christine how she and her hubby have stuck to this diet for so long. The idea is that you should be on the diet one month for every year you have had health problems. For her, that's most of her life. Same with myself. My mom noticed strange things going on when I was 3 and I was finally diagnosed with a semi-rare condition when I was 5. So, yep, most of my life. But Christine and hubby have been on this diet for over two years now. She says it gets much easier, second nature, with time. Her answer to my question of how they have stuck to it? "You have to know that this is what's right for you. You have to know it in your heart that it's going to take a sacrifice, but it's okay because you know it's the only answer for you at this time." That's a tough pill to swallow.

And, while I haven't exactly had any struggles with meal times (my family is eating rice, cereal, bread, pizza, etc and it doesn't bother me) I am craving sweet things. I keep really wanting a cookie or donut or candybar. And Starbucks... don't even get me started. lol. But the other day I bought a sugar free gum with xylitol that is very low carb and sweet enough to get me through those times. I also miss fruit, but I guess that will have to be my splurge item when I decide to splurge.

Overall, I have lost 7 pounds in the last few days. I said I wanted to be down 6 pounds by June 6... well, I hit 7 so I guess I need a new goal.

I started at 295 so I will make a goal of 280 by June 6. And if I beat that I will just make another. Progress... gotta keep going...
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    Great job, but skip the peas, they aren't good for you on this diet.
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