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Feeling off and need a little advice please....

Friday, May 27, 2011

First off I wanted to mention to anyone that does read my blog, and is on my friends list, I haven't been checking my friends list as regular as I used to. I gotta get back to it because you ladies and gentlemen keep me motivated! Usually I try to check at least every day if not every other day and I haven't done that this week.

I've noticed the past week I've felt off. I understand part of this journey is the fact that there will always be ups and downs. I'm not going to be 100% motivated, nose to the grindstone, all the time. That is where the glorious habits we put in place come in...to keep us going when we don't always feel like it.

I have to say I'm happy I'm to that point. I know that even though I don't feel like it 100% I will exercise today. I know that I will feel good once I'm done even though I don't feel quite like it now. I absolutely refuse to go back to the habits I left behind in February which is to slowly let my exercise life die a slow death.

I'm not quite sure what is behind this. I noticed this month when I got my monthly (sorry to any guys reading this) it happened to be a not so great time for me mood wise. Just having officially ended this gift from Mother Nature I still feel down. Even my husband noticed I wasn't quite my usual perky self.

I think potentially I'm thinking too much about this being the end of the month (I measure the 1st of the month). As with my last post I do appreciate and see the other side of what I've accomplished. In full reality I think I could have accomplished more. I can and will do better.

I will preface what I'm about to say with I know its not good to compare yourself to others but I'm still going to say it....

A friend the other day posted on facebook how she has lost 20 lbs from January to now. She is smaller than me to begin with. She now looks amazing. I'm not sure where she sits diet wise but I know she does exercise.

I'm not letting this get me down but I think its also a wake up call for me. I'm 5'2 and 175ish lbs. Yes I have muscle in there but I think I should have lost something in 4 full months. I have lost a few inches and that is nothing to shy away from. I am proud of that. At the same time I need to re-evaluate.

I don't know if maybe I need to be doing more cardio since fat loss is my primary goal. I still plan on doing Chalean Extreme but I don't think its giving me enough cardio.

I know on Sparkpeople I'm not the best at logging my foods on here. I'll do great until dinner and then if I eat something I made its hard to figure out just how many calories I've consumed. I know I need to eat better. I'm not horrid at it but I could certainly do way better.

At the end of the day it comes to calories in vs. calories out. I think my next step has to be actually planning out my meals. I don't know why but its one step I always drag my feet on. Silly right? One of the things I know to be effective I'm drag my feet on.

I will see change in June. I have the fire to see it. My accomplishments so far are great and I'm not putting that down in any respect. At the same time I still feel like I'm missing a little piece of the puzzle and I'm so close to finding it.

I know I didn't actually post any real questions here. I think I'm just looking for some thoughts. I don't plan on giving up weight training but maybe I need to focus a little more on cardio? I always get confused when it comes to muscle building vs. fat loss and how those two go together.
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  • no profile photo CD9656196
    I think adding a little more cardio would help quite a bit. If you like Chalene I know a lot of people who do CLX/TurboFire hybrids and love it, maybe something like that would be good.

    I was a super slow loser too but now have picked up to about 1 pound per week from tracking everything I eat and working really hard to avoid anything with soy, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners. It isn't easy, but my endocrinologist (I have thyroid issues) was convinced those three things were stalling my weight loss, and she seems to have been right!!
    3677 days ago
    Try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Some people have a faster metabolism than others though they may be of the same height and weight.

    Keep doing what you know to be good for you by exercising and eating healthy foods. You might want to ask your doctor about taking a vitamin with iron if you think your cycle is affecting you. I am past that time in my life but a One-a-day with iron helped me in my younger days.

    3677 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    I'm a slow loser and I understand your concerns! Recently I was thinking about my own progress, or lack thereof as of late. The months I had the biggest losses, not only was I religiously doing my strength training (which is too important to not do) but also I logged more cardio. Nothing crazy, just an extra 15-30 minute walk most days of the week during lunch. I was also running longer on the weekend. So in a nutshell, a little extra cardio may be what you need.

    3677 days ago
  • MARTY728
    You nailed it with "At the end of the day it comes to calories in vs. calories out."

    We are all here to give and receive help.
    3677 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6097965
    Tracking food that you make is hard - because you have to enter everythng you put into the meal and then divide by how much you ate (half of it, quarter of it??) I know this drives me a little crazy - Because I've made a stonking vegetable chilli with LOADS of veg.. and I have enter it all...half a cup of sweet corn between four people?? a cup of Spinach... etc.

    The thing that has set you off is the facebook thing. I know because it happens to me. My weight loss is S L O W and frustrating and I am working so hard. And yet others have it all drop off...

    1) You don't know if they are being healthy with it, are they crash dieting?

    2) People only put their best 'face' on for Facebook - so you don't know how miserable or hard she might have found her weight loss.

    3) You can't compare yourself - you know it - it's hard not to compare, but it really doesn't help anyone.

    You have been doing well... congratulate yourself on your consistency, even when you feel off! And you are looking for a positive and healthy way to speed up your weightloss - which is great. More cardio would help...

    Basically - you rock! Tell yourself that.

    3677 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5651955
    My thoughts are adding more cardio will probably be the ticket. If you have the energy and time, try doing some cardio on the CLX ST days. I see you belong to Zumba teams, so I have to assume you have the Zumba DVDs. It might be worth it to plug in one of the cardio sets of that, or if you have Turbo Jam that would work, before you do your ST. When I first started CLX in March '10, I was already doing TJ, so I did that before the ST, and got amazing results. So, yes, add some cardio in should help.
    3677 days ago
    Your comments encourage me. I'm new to Sparkpeople but not new to the weight loss struggle. I'm challenged by the whole exercise thing myself. You're actually doing the right thing by never giving up on that goal you've set to maintain a regimen of making good food choices and always including exercise. That's huge! I encourage you to develop a little tunnel vision when it comes to the accomplishments of others. Celebrate them but don't compare. You are unique and valuable to the life process or you wouldn't be here. Identify your weaknesses and go after them with a vengeance! Maybe a one-time personal training session can help you to fine-tune your cardio and strength training. You can do this! I know it. emoticon
    3677 days ago
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