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No More Cravings...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stardate: Week II
Well folks it’s been two full weeks since I started my own eight weeks to optimum health. It’s mostly patterned after the Andrew Weil, MD’s book entitled “8 Weeks to Optimum Health”. I say mostly because he doesn’t necessarily advocate going gluten free. In his book “Natural Healing, Natural Health” he suggests that if you fit the symptom profile of a gluten intolerant person, you should try it and see how you feel. Because I have several first degree relatives that are, I decided to give it a try when I was visiting my sister during week I. I’ve had a long history of irritable bowel, but as I’ve blogged about before, I attributed gas and bloating to compulsive eating. I’ve long had environmental allergies and sinus issues. Menopause disorders. Joint and muscle pain. Mild anxiety. Cravings. Compulsive eating. Fatigue, lack of energy.
Anything else?
Nah, that about covers it…
My sister said YES, YES, YES to about everything on my list, so I’m giving it a try. No wheat, rye, or barley. No other grains that have been processed in a factory that processes wheat, rye, or barley. No modified food starch, certain gums used as preservatives and so on.

Along with weaning off caffeine – I’m down to one cup of “real coffee” in the morning and when it runs out, I’m done. Water, de-caf tea or coffee, and very occasional orange juice or low sodium tomato juice for me. I gave up soda pop a year ago.
I pretty much entirely gave up processed foods full of preservatives. My sodium levels have finally gone under the food tracker’s recommended limit. I’m not eating or drinking artificial sweeteners. Really very minimal artificial anything.
I’m exercising 6 days a week – either on the treadmill, bike, or walking outdoors. I’m doing yoga type stretches at least 4 times a week. Next week work in the strength training.
I’m paying attention to my breathing each day for at least 5 minutes taking nice deep breaths in through the nose and giving nice long exhales through the mouth.
I’m standing straighter without locking my knees. I’m making my quads work when I sit instead of flopping back into chairs.
I’m heading to bed earlier.
I have fresh flowers on my dining room table.
I’m trying to spend at least 15 minutes daily sitting relaxed and thinking about my blessings.
I’m taking a vitamin B complex, 1000 mg fish oil caps, Calcium & vitamin D tablet with minerals, Vitamin C, and another vitamin D. Staggered throughout the day with meals.
I’m off my daily antihistamine and nasal steroid – using the netti pot when needed. I’m off Prilosec – the heartburn is gone. I’m weaning off the estrogen therapy. I've lost 5 lbs from eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and small portions of chicken or fish. I am eating gluten free bread and gf cereal with flax. Occasional treats of SMALL amounts of real sugar stuff like a Dove dark chocolate.
In short: I feel AMAZING. I haven’t had this much energy in years.
With everything I’ve done at once, it might be hard to pinpoint exactly what has helped the most especially when it comes to the gluten and I will need a doctor’s advice to help me determine if I am TRULY intolerant vs. a wheat allergy vs. placebo effect from just eating healthier. It can be essential to know, but right now I have no desire to go back to eating gluten. I feel that good. Good enough to never have a cold beer on a hot day again. Good enough to never again indulge in pizza at our favorite pizza joint. Only homemade or Godfather’s gluten free for me.

The defining moment? The hubby and I live by a Marble Slab and I love their frozen yogurt so I suggested that we go tonight after supper. I was prepared to eat a jr. size of the real ice cream if the yogurt had gluten in it, but when she said BOTH the yogurt and the ice cream had gluten in it I didn’t hesitate – I told her no thanks, none for me.
My DH is so impressed; he has agreed to start doing what I do – right down to the gluten free.
The most amazing part: ABSOLUTELY NO MORE CRAVING.
What can I say? I pray that I can make this a lifetime deal. So far I feel like why wouldn’t I????

Live long and prosper…

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know it is amazing isnt it. I have done total gf for 2 months and felt great. Sadly the diet doesnt help nerve damage pain ( I have neuropathy and sciatica) but did help my arthritis. I haven't gone off dairy though maybe I should.
    DR put me on prednisone for 10 days and I was eating more as he said it would but still healhty for a few days then oh oh now back to junk. But reading about the ice cream.... I bought the snack size yesterday as it was on for 1$ ( when do we learn no matter the price it isn't a good deal if it isn't good food! LOL) and have eaten it and wonder if that is why my knees are just so sore. doesn'st feel arthritic just hurt esp on stairs. HMMM
    YOu memtioned a dr finding out of you are Gluten sensitive. you have to be on a full diet of wheat etc to find out if you have gone gf it wont test properly. Some know they are so refuse to go back to eating like that to find out. Me I could care less, I know I feel better so will eat that way.
    Tomorrow is my re start day , finished the prednisone dose friday. I will get back to feeling good. still on a lot of meds but also chiro so hoping something soon works.
    Enjoy your healthy lifestyle!
    3178 days ago
    Wow! I am impressed! I think this is something I may need to read more about. Congrats!
    3544 days ago
    Terrific! So glad you are feeling good. Reminds me of the pay-off of making changes that are initially difficult!
    3594 days ago
    wow! I don't have digestive problems but know many who do...may suggest they try to eliminate gluten.

    I've been eating healthier and tracking - and noticing an increase in energy level and decreases in cravings. The higher energy levels help me move, so I exercise, which also increases my energy level and mood. Amazing how we can cycle up instead of spiraling down.

    I'm w/the comment above - I am a coffee addict; down to 1, maybe 2 cups a day, almost no pop unless I'm eating on the road and do drive through, rarely tea, lots of water. But drinking coffee is a Lutheran sacrament! emoticon
    3601 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I'm reading "CLEAN" by Alex Junger, M.D. on how to detox my body as I want to make sure not to REGAIN the weight as I release the rest of it. He points out that ALL processed foods have chemicals in them to preserve them and as a result they KILL the bacteria in our gut and cause us problems with digestion. He got IBS when he came to America to go to college L& medical school as he'd lived in South America growing up. His book is really an eye opener to me.
    3609 days ago
    Gluten sneaks into a lot of things, doesn't it? I find real ice cream from Hagen Daazs is generally OK. I always read the labels. Eating healthy does make me feel better, and that helps me stick with it. Keep us all posted on how things go.
    3618 days ago
    While we all have some of the same universal basic relations with food and body chemistry I never cease to be AMAZED over the individual variations in what people find works BEST for their own unique body!

    Kudos to finding your "secret formula!" :-)

    3618 days ago
    Wow, this is working so well for you, congratulations and keeping on with the program
    3618 days ago
    Wonderful- I am so glad that you are feeling this way! I say whatever works and it sounds like you've found it for you!
    Spark On!
    3618 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4592528
    Rejoicing with you!
    3618 days ago
    my gosh!
    3618 days ago
    I like reading this!! I'm checking things off the list in much the same way you are and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time!

    Still working on that caffeine though . . . . . coffee is my proof of a higher being!! emoticon

    Glad to see things are going your way!!
    3618 days ago
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