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The candle that burns brightest burns half as long

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Under normal circumstances when I run, its just me, the road, and the music pumping through my headphones. Nothing else exist but the strike of my foot meeting the pavement to the beat that is blaring into my ears. Every now and then I'll adjust my stride or my breath. But it's very much like being on auto pilot or cruise control.

The exception to these are when I end up at the track. It never seems to matter when I go. Early morning, afternoon or night. Sometimes the luck of the draw so happens that it is packed to the brim with people, and others? It is almost like a ghost town, with one or two stray people coming in for brief moments before disappearing.

Tonight was one of those packed full to the brim nights. I am not a fan of these nights because when it's like that, I either try to be very considerate of others and screw my run. Or, my ego screws my run. Either way, it's a lot of screwing and this is not a good thing. ...

Tonight I had the goal of either running for an hour or running 3 miles. The Itouch playlist sorreeely needs updating, so I wasn't really thrilled about an hour run. But wanted to see if I could make it happen. It occurred to me as I was running that I was going 'too fast' for a non struggling by the skin of my teeth hour pace. It didn't seem to be helped since there were many walkers on the track, and if I was slowing down to where I normally would be for stamina. Well, might cause a couple of glares, a couple of hip checks by well meaning older ladies in their warm up suits, and possibly a world class walker/runner pile up of epic proportions.

No problem. Let's just run and time first run to see where we are. Come in at 9:50!!!! Sub 10 minute mile!

I've been working on this sometime. Last short run I went to my moms which is a mile and came in at 10:10.. which was amazing since the last part includes a massive hill I needed to sprint! This was flat track, so no hills. Time could have been much better, but I was REALLY happy with it.

Then on the track comes a little jerk runner in training. She was probably around twelve or so. When she saw I passed her, she would run up to where I was by a few feet, then stop. She continuously kept looking over her shoulder to see where I was so she could run and get ahead. She had to keep stopping into a walk after she got far enough ahead because she couldn't sustain that kind of pace. Eventually I ended up passing her, still running the same pace I was going, because thats what happens when you sprint.

Which brings me to the thing that I;ve been thinking about my last few runs at the track. "The candle that burns brightest burns half as long. "

In the end, due to circumstances I've mentioned above, I also burned twice as quickly just like the young girl. I set out to finish what I wanted to finish with a PR! to show for it. But, it was not any hour and half run, which I would have liked even better (and would have also been a PR!).
Ah well. Hopefully sometime this week I'll find my inner running mojo and be able to accomplish it at long last.

And maybe by then, my thighs won't be still be on fire from Jillians Level 2 yoga meltdown. ..
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    I have had exactly your experience when doing races. At the beginning people are flashing past me, running full tilt. I keep to the side, find my pace, and just keep going. Slowly but surely. I start to pass people, now walking out of breath, as I carry on in my slow steady comfortable pace. They will sometimes sprint then to pass me again but as you say they can't maintain it so eventually I pass them again. On and on we go, the tortoise and the hares. Makes me smile. In the end the only thing that matters to me in MY time.

    Keep on, keeping on!!!
    3589 days ago
  • no profile photo HEEEYBOOBOO
    Hey you~ Congrats on hitting a PR!!

    You're kind of a big deal. :)

    3593 days ago
    I love the self-effacing delivery of your writing.

    A hearty congratulations on beating your previous run time.

    As for the little girl, children are inherently competitive. So, i would not give it a second thought. And, of course, the thing the young never seem to grasp is that if you pace yourself, you can reach all of your goals. If you just smash your foot on the gas, all you do is die tired. :D

    Best wishes on your journey to good health and personal happiness.
    3594 days ago
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