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Toddlers aren't the only ones who have tantrums

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*whistling somewhat innocently*

This past month has been rough for me weight loss wise. I've really been bumping up my activity level and pushing myself well passed my comfort zone. My work outs are living in the land of 'uncomfortable'. My eating where I normally have this sort of flexiablity, has been more rigid at times than my lifestyle would ever call for. Goals! I has them.

Because I have an addictive kind of personality (who, me?), I step on the scale everyday. I need to see what is working, and what I need to tweak. Yesterday, I was pleased to see that I was down. I watched my eating, drank my water, did an hour with Jillian complete with weights this time.

As if it was christmas morning, my eyes popped open at the ungodly hour of 6am. Which I normally only see if there are little people jumping up and down on me, demanding the morning sacrafice of waffles and pancakes. None the less. I made my morning pit stop, tore off my clothes as if they were on fire, and jumped on the scale. Wanting to see a certain number pop up at me at long last.

And........ *drum roll*

I was 1.1 pounds... UP.

I blinked a long moment, hoping off the scale. There is no way that was possible. I eased myself on it again, and one second later the same number flashed at me in alarm. It didn't even give it any time to register like it normally does. So, being the logical person I am, I moved it. And...... still no change. Hey. you can't blame a girl for trying.

I considered threatening to take it right to the trash can and dump it as hard as I could inside the vast darkness of the trash bin. But, that would have been counter productive, and it would have woken my little jabberwalkies sooner than I intended. Likely, my feet did a small stomp on the wooden floor as I trudged back to the living room. Knowing that there was no way possible I gained 1.1 in ONE day, especially not eating what I ate, drinking my water, and exercising to Jillian.

The thought in my mind to go to the track early was banished just as quick. I realized I was not feeling well. Kind of dizzy, light headed, and a little feverish. My Rx for myself was naptime. I crawled back into bed with the covers under my chin, inwardly muttering obscenities.

When I woke up hours later on the insistance of said jabberwalkies, I did my thing. My inner drive was telling me to hop on again. So I did.

I was....
1.6 down.

That breath I had not realized I had been holding slowly slipped from my lips, and I put my head against the kitchen island.

Costly lesson.

Sometimes you really do just need a little bit more sleep.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    lol at how I do the very same thing as 4ANEWME2DAY

    My scale told me I was 2 pounds up on Monday but I know it's from my strength training/weights programme at the gym (just started a week and a half ago) and not fat gain but still, psychologically it's a bit of a downer.

    Here's hoping we all get great scale results soon emoticon
    3575 days ago
    OMG...I could have sworn reading this you were watching my weigh in routine...LOL I too have stepped on and off...moved said scale to several different spots on the floor. All usually to no change in outcome.

    I am glad you went back to bed...and I am glad you saw a loss when you re-weighed!!
    You have really been working hard so I know how dumbfounded you must have been with that first reading. We have a love /hate relationship with the scale for sure!
    3575 days ago
    When the number on my scale go up:
    I say, "The batteries must be low. Well, that old thing never was really accurate in the first place." or I flip it the bird and say, "Liar!"

    When the number on my scale goes down:
    I say, "Well it's about time you decided to work right." or "Good old scales, you never let me down!"

    3575 days ago
    I swear the scale has a mind of it's own and it loves to play games with me. I have found it best to ignore it for while, checking in weekly: but I certainly understand the draw it has on a daily basis.

    emoticon on the lbs. lost! Keep up the great work!
    3575 days ago
    I do the same thing as you do. I step on, off, wait an hour and look again. Sometimes good, sometimes the same. Hang In There!! emoticon
    3575 days ago
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