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Chocolate chip cookie dough for breakfast and being somewhat healthy? YES!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Normally when I am attacked by the chocolate craving monster, I realize this is my bodies way of telling me to expect other things within the week. I've learned over the past year to not ignore these cravings, but to allow them within certain moderation. Otherwise, I end up the girl at 3 oclock at the morning at the 7 11 with her hair sticking up three ways from sunday.. red rimmed eyes, and a horde of candy in her arms that looks like I robbed some poor kids halloween stash.

Yesterday I tried to give in. I had 3 chocolate chip cookies. And yes, I tracked all of them! I realized when I was finished and full, the craving didn't go away. Why? I feed it over what I needed but still within reason. Because.. it wasn't actually the chocolate chips I was craving. It was craving the DOUGH!

Now, I had to put my brain to work. I wasn't going to actually going to go through the process of making full fat cookies and eat part of the dough. Though I've done it at as a kid (and adult on occasion) and still been fine, generally taking the risk of eating raw egg is not something I want to do. Not to mention all the rest of those calories. There had to be a happy medium somewhere and I was going to find it!

First I found a couple of chocolate chip cookie dough dips. Good, but still pretty fattening. Then yesterday I ran across this..


Basically imploying the use of garbanzo beans as the base, some kind of nut butter, chia or flax seeds, brown sugar and perhaps 1-3tbs of some kind of non dairy milk. Oh yes, and vanilla extract.

So for breakfast, even though it wasn't the healthiest choice ever.. I made this. And OMG!

It DID taste like cookie dough, and I could not tell what so ever that the base was made from BEANS! beeeaaannnnss!

The only thing was I think for me, 1/4 a cup of sunflower seed butter was a bit much. Probably I should have started out with 1 tablespoon, then another. As mine had a heavy after taste of peanut butter. Also, if you are going to use 2/3 brown sugar.. do not pack it! If you choose to do this in your food processer I heavily recommend tasting to adjust.

Still, it was really good. really. I got a kick out of the fact that I had cookie dough for breakfast and nutritionally, I had a good amount of protien! The craving also is now gone gone gone, and I don't have to worry about sleep waking to my local convient store at 3 am!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have garbanzo bean flour I've been trying to figure out how to use! Thank you!
    3543 days ago
  • TD2010
    Wow, sounds great! Not sure if I have the nerve to try it!! But I will try!!
    3543 days ago
    well I just read your blog like 15 minutes ago, followed the link and then ran in the kitchen and whipped this up. I just had it on top of an apple and it was sooo good! I am now feeding my 2 year old a cup full because she begged for it after eating most of the topping off my apple. she loves it.

    there is something so rewarding about the fact that your 2 year old is basically eating a cup full of chick peas even though it does have chocolate chips and splenda mixed in. lol.

    thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jess
    3543 days ago
    when i was younger, my sister showed me how to make a small batch of cookie dough for just those cravings... but it wasn't healthy... lol (mix some flour, sugar, butter, and chocolate chips... just small amounts... yum).
    3543 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5521182
    OMG - you just made my day! I can't wait to try this!
    3543 days ago
    Sounds good, but I don't like anything with peanut butter flavor, so I would have to do something about that.

    I have two really interesting brownie recipes. One is made with zucchini and the other is made with black beans. I absolutely love the zucchini ones. They are very moist and gooey
    3559 days ago
    Awsome way to get in some extra protein. Add the chocolate and that's just- heaven. Way to go- finding the fix, instead of just hitting 7-11 @ 3a.m. Thanks for sharing-love food blogs.
    3559 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5236037
    I love finding foods that make the mind happy without throwing your body out of whack! I love chocolate and found an awesome chocolate muffin recipe on here that uses fat free yogurt instead of eggs, and I use wheat flour and sugar free chocolate chips...its amazing, and we eat em like crazy! Good for you for trying something new! emoticon
    3559 days ago
    I love that you've found a way to appease your cravings, and to "cheat" without even cheating! I, too, must have my faves, and though some consider them horrible no-no's, I know I cannot live without them...and that's what we're here for...to learn how to be healthy and get/keep a good weight in a way we can continue for good.

    By the way, my 4 year old granddaughter gave me her recipe for the Best Cookies Ever. I'll share:
    5 cups oatmeal
    5 cups raisins
    4 cups milk
    1 package of cookie dough from the store.
    Mix together.
    Cook in oven at regular cookie heat.
    Be careful, they are hot.
    Cool and eat.


    3559 days ago
    "I end up the girl at 3 oclock at the morning at the 7 11 with her hair sticking up three ways from sunday.. red rimmed eyes, and a horde of candy in her arms that looks like I robbed some poor kids halloween stash" THAT IS AWESOME!!! Totally been there!!
    3559 days ago
    Sounds interesting! If you make it again you will have to save me a bite to try :) What did you use to dip into the dip with? Looks like some kind of graham crackers?
    3559 days ago
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