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80+ pounds gone with pics

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometime last weekend I hit one of my biggest milestones. I've taken off 80 pounds. Keep in mind, there was an additional 20 lost before hand which brings the total up to three digits. But without the couple years break, we are talking 80 consistantly.

Last Saturday my sister and I got to celebrate that in our normal meeting (which is losing its luster for me). One of my favorite girls at the register heard the clapping and when I came out asked if it was me. She congratulated me and told me that I look like a completely different person.

I didn't realize until much later that *I am* a completely different person.

Everytime I went on a journey to lose weight, it started because I wanted to feel beautiful again. After I'd lose anywhere from 20-30 pounds, I would start feeling good.. then stop because I felt it was good enough. But it wasn't good enough. I would go back quickly to feeling unhappy and unfufilled, and the cycle would start over.

It wasn't until one day that I realized that I wanted to be healthy and fit, that things started changing. I got back on Weight Watchers which would put pressure on me to use healthier recipes that were loaded with fruits and veggies.

This before shot is really tough for me to post, but here it is.

I started focusing on fitness this time around. It wasn't long before I came across the Couch 2 5k program and started running. After I finished week 5 ( 20 minutes running straight!), I got the will to cut my long waist lenght hair. Something I always hid behind, as if it could make my weight gain less.


Behold the unforgiving side shot!

I was starting to feel good, but I knew from these pictures that I still had a long way to go.. I kept plugging away and added Jill along with my runs.




My face is still a little flushed here. I worked out for two hours that morning before heading off with my mom. :)

Celebrating with yoga and handstands in the kitchen.

This was not easy. There is not a lot of room between the door and the wall so I couldn't just use my own momentum to get up! By the time I bent my back enough to try to get my leg bent, the pressure from my sinuses was insain and I had to get down.


getting on my tip toes is about as close as I could get to getting one of my legs in the air! Maybe I'll give this a try in another ten pounds when I've got a spotter, and a yoga mat.. but it is going to take a ton more core work.

And finally..

The things that have changed most are not those that are most easily seen. Like my level of fitness.

That on bad days, I am able to run a couple miles at a time and on good days I can run four or five. I do yoga or some form of Jillian at least twice a week. It means getting into poses like the wheel, being able to bend my back more than I've been in the last ten years.. and being able to pull up my legs from two inches off the ground to over my head. Repeatedly.

Now I get excited about weekends when 5ks or something physical is involved, even if it means that is a weekend I don't see my friends. It also means getting excited when I find a recipe that is still healthy and has the faint taste of cookie dough or donuts (donuts are the next blog, I promise!).

I *am* a different person.

and I don't ever want to go back.

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