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Depression stinks

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I always try to post uplifting blogs that help motivate people.
But sometimes I just need to be me and share what I'm struggling with.

I cant help the fact that right now I'm seriously down in the dumps and I'm very lucky that my pantry is very low on groceries. I could seriously eat a entire cake right now. ...

I'm so bummed about my knee its still not 100% it still bothers me and I still cant go to the gym..
I haven't been since Sunday.

I'm just seriously so frustrated....

On Wednesday for my husband's birthday I made him a special dinner not so low fat and I ate some of it (not to much) and we had cake.. I ate some of that.

Today I slept to late, I didn't make my omelette and I ate freaking tater tots.. GRRRR so not only did I not eat the right stuff I under ate the calories I was suppose to eat for the day.
And I do not like the feeling I'm left with after I ate this not so good for you stuff.. I seriously feel, tired and grumpy.

I want to just scream in frustration at this point.
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    Stop beating yourself up! We all have these momemts. Just get back up and start again. emoticon emoticon we're all behind you!
    3620 days ago
    This won't last. Your knee will heal! (if you give it time)

    Remember that excercise isn't the only key to weight loss (or maintiance!). You did good to use moderation with the party. You seriously should give yourself credit for that. (I know one girl who has mostly good knees that struggles with that, ahem....)

    Find a corner of your life (a bookshelf, a sink, a literal corner that looks the way you want, a favorite place to sit and see what you enjoy) and focus on that right now. Personally I've found that flylady.net has helped me with feeling overwhelmed. Maybe it would help? (At least it could help you laugh!) Get outside as much as possible, even if it is just to sit on the stoop with a bag of ice on your knee.

    Please keep fighting. We are all pulling for you!
    3620 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9047357
    Back in June right when I was really losing the pounds I took a fall at work on my right knee. Just lost my balance and there I was dazed sitting on the pavement. My knee was skinned up and very bruised. I just couldn't believe it!

    I'm here to say that it took me a month to get back on track with my workouts at the gym. It was a minor setback and frustrating but it gave me time to reflect on what exactly was going wrong. I realized I was not focusing and was off balance by going too fast with my program. I had to cut back for a while and now I'm stronger and better than ever. I did some different exercises, took more walks in the park, and paid more attention to my steps each day. Now I do core exercises that are helping me to balance better.

    Take good care of yourself and know that it is ok to slow down for now and recover.

    3620 days ago
  • MAGA99
    Its ok
    we r only human
    I do understand ur frustration I really do
    just take some time for urself & know that u can always reach out if u neeed to talk
    3620 days ago
    Wish there was an easy way to fix a bum knee, but unfortunately it will require RICE. Does your gym have a pool? or do you have access to a pool? Water aerobics should not put pressure on the knee and the movement might help. After getting your Doctor's permission, bicycling might be an option. About the food, did those tater tots taste good? If they did not then they were truly a mistake. But today is a new day and they are not there to tempt. One of the things I have done to my pantry is get rid of the convenience foods. They are generally too high in fat and sugar and calories and too low in nutrition. I really subscribe to the advice that one should shop the perimeter of a grocery store, even before I ever heard that given as advice. There are all sorts of easy foods that are satisfying and nutritious. For instance dried dates really satisfy hunger and are low calorie and high fiber. Hope today goes better for you. Unfortunately . I know from personal experience that physical injury can really set you back on attaining your goals. However not paying attention to your body can set you back even more. We are on a journey not a race. As long as you stay on the path it doesn't matter how long it takes. emoticon emoticon
    3620 days ago
  • NEWMAC2011
    Scream and get it out! There are some upper body workout videos on SP that you might want to check out while your knee is recuperating. I'm sure it's very frustrating but maybe if you do some upper body work, that will help get out your frustration. Hoping you're 100% soon!
    3620 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    Hang in there...remember tomorrow is a new day. It is hard when we can't work out. I've found that working out is almost like medicine for my mood. Anxiety and depression are tons better when I get good and sweaty. emoticon

    Praying your knee heals soon so you can get back to your routine.

    Don't beat yourself up for a bad eating day. We all have them. Sometimes I have a couple in a row. Frustrating after all this time but its the truth. Just jump back on the wagon and do what you know to do with your food.

    Also if you can maybe you can do some sitting strength training, like bicep curls or chest presses. emoticon
    3621 days ago
    Although you can't go to the gym, you CAN still eat right. That is something that is still within your control.
    I pray that your knee is better soon!
    3621 days ago
  • LENKA763
    like you, I feel out of line and frustrated when I can't go to the gym.I assume that for you is big stress relief and bit of time just for yourself .

    I have only two kids and I LOVE the gym break for me!

    as of the food, start again he right way,one day is not such a big deal to be frustrated.

    we all slip and get back on track.

    you can do it!

    3621 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5916870
    Good morning.......It is the start of a NEW day. Forget about yesterday and just start over today with the thought of this being your best day in a while. Do what you need to "get 'er done". I love the picture of your little girl.....she is so cute and such a nice smile.

    Don't give up, take a day at a time and just little baby steps. You CAN do it. Start over today with a FRESH START. (and it is always okay to come tell your woes here. We are here for you) Nancy
    3621 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10649139
    No need to feel bad. Sometimes we motivate; sometimes we need motivation ourselves. You always have so much to give, it must be difficult to be in a position where you need to slow down.

    Good luck and feel better soon.
    3621 days ago
    emoticon It is okay to feel down but it isn't going to last. I know it seems like a long time without exercise but it really isn't. How about trying some light upper body weights. I know it might not seem like much to you but doing some exercise helps put one in a positive mood of doing something about it. This won't last you will get better. By the way your allowed to scream, it feels good to let out the tension.Try it sometime. Keep your head up and I'm sending you some positive vibes.
    3621 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1928831
    We understand...we've all been there...frustrated, depressed, foiled by physical problems. You did very well for all the boulders currently in your path. I recently came off Prednisone and I was really, really cranky on it. Gained 5 pounds and while it shrunk some polyps...the biggest one today got it's own injection of steroids as did a few other that didn't shrink small enough. But I focusing on the good parts (some shrinkage...and here it's a good thing); next week I can start weaning off my other weight inducing meds (and they make me tired & spacey) and no more pain in my arm. It's just life challenging us...and we will just put it in it's place and rise above because we have lots of people around us to help us up, prop us up, & cheer us on.
    emoticon emoticon
    3621 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10018622
    Praying you are feeling better soon and very soon. Perhaps the thoughts on the post titled "55/60 August 28, 2011 – The contented journey" on the Summer challenge team will help. BLESSings.
    3621 days ago
    I feel your pain. I hope you feel better ASAP. I don't want you to feel bad or depressed, but I do appreciate your honestly and knowing I'm not alone.
    3621 days ago
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