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Happy Saturday (counting blessings)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I love Saturdays, because my honey is off and usually we get things done in the house.
I worked last night (sitting in a chair mostly and sorting boxes so a lot of leaning over my back is killing me) on my laundry room sorted bags of clothes organized with the help of my 2 oldest they were basically my legs. (as I try to rest my knee)

I got all the kids clothes sorted and organized (we recently moved and was with out a washer for a while) Its time to get serious about getting rid of clothes and getting clothes organized.

Then I worked on the box room, I sat on the couch the kids and hubby brought me boxes and I went through them. The box room is no longer the box room its now Kara and Korbin's room. WOOHOO yeah for organization.

Let me tell you just getting things done will kick depression to the curb.

Also helps that the scale was my friend and I dropped 2 pounds this week :) I'm down to 185 and now I've lost 27 pounds since I started my diet on SP and over 30 since the birth of my baby.

My goal is either going to be 140 or 130, so at 140 I would have 45 more pounds to go.

Its not falling off as fast as some people after they have babies, but I only gained a little bit of weight with her so I didn't expect a huge lost.

Its like my body is clinging to the weight unlike some nursing Mother's where it just falls off and they do nothing. That has never been the case for me but that's ok.

I'm trying to be ok with slow and steady and 2 pounds per week for the last two weeks is really good.

I'm shocked I dropped another 2 this week with out going to the gym.

Today I'm just focusing on all the things that I have and my family.
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