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Spark People Has Made Me a Completely New Person (Pictures Included!!)

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Before Spark people I wasn't a very happy person. On the outside I kept a smile on my face and lived my day to day life, but on the inside I was disgusted with the person I came to be. For years I had been dreaming of the perfect "Marilyn", and active girl, who enjoyed exercise, ate the right foods, was social, outgoing, fun, and most of all HAPPY!

Looking back now, I have come to realized what a change I have made in my life, physically, more more emotionally. I started my journey half way through my senior year of high school (January 2010), and now I am currently a freshman in college. The people who know me now at my college wouldn't recognize the person I was in high school as being me. Sure I look different, but I act different too.

Losing weight has allowed me to break down a lot of barriers, one of them major ones was my self confidence, because my self confidence was so low I didnt hang out with my friends as much as I wanted, or didn't go to all the school dances, or just talk to all the people I could have talked to. Now with the self confidence I have gained, I am able to be that person I have always wanted to be.

Starting college this fall was like a blank slate for me, no one knew who I was or my background, I was able to be the person I had always wanted to be. I actually surprise myself sometimes with the thing I do. Things that I wouldn't have done in high school.

I have joined a sorority (delta phi epsilon), something I never thought I would do, I have joined my school's MMA team (mixed martial arts), I am active within the various programs around campus, I hang out with people outside of class.....the list goes on and on.

I am so incredibly happy that I am now the person that I had always dreamed of being! What I didn't realize back then is that dreaming gets you no where, taking action gives you results! and boy am I happy with them!

Enough with the emotional changes......take a look at this pics:

I was in such denial when it came to my body, I didn't know I was that big!
But I sure am happy with how I look now!

Thanks spark people, without this website I don't think I would have been able to make the change!!
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