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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am (again) reading Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs. Awesome, inspiring book. It's the third time I am reading it. The first time, 2009, I jumped right into Phase 1 (exercise habit) and kept right on going until I lost 45 pounds... and then discovered my surprise pregnancy. The second time I read this book was 2010, shortly after having my son. I thought I was ready to be committed to losing weight again, but I chose to use every excuse in the book and quit shortly after I started.

I just read over half the book again TODAY (it's good stuff!) in between homeschool subjects! I am stopping after the Phase 1 chapter since Phase 1 is a month long anyway. The point where I am at in the book says to put down the book RIGHT NOW and write a list of all the excuses I have used through the years (including most recently) to avoid working hard to lose the weight. Well, I prefer to keep it in my blog since I continually lose notebooks! Here goes!


1. I have failed every time I have tried. Why try again?

2. I never finish anything. I would rather not start than not ever finish.

3. It's too hard.

4. I don't have enough hours in my day as it is.

5. Being a homeschool mom takes everything out of me physically and emotionally.

6. Having a toddler is exhausting and makes my schedule unpredictable.

7. Once I lose all the weight I probably won't be happy with all that stretched skin and be sad about it anyway.

8. Nobody really understands this process so no one can encourage me the way I need to be encouraged.

9. My hubby always tries to tell me what to do every time I try to lose weight.

10. I hate other people watching me work out.

11. Gastric bypass or the Lap-Band would be easier.

12. One whole side of my family struggles with weight loss. I must have the "fat gene".

13. I am big-boned.

14. Using that money and time all on myself is selfish.

15. I could be doing something fun like crafting or spending time with my kids.

16. Life is stressful enough. I should use that time to relax or I might have a nervous breakdown.

17. I need to lose weight fast, not slowly.

18. I hate tracking food.

19. Healthy food is too expensive.

20. I can't expect my family to eat this way too.

21. My anti-seizure meds cause weight gain.

22. My anti-seizure meds cause low energy.

23. My hormonal imbalance issues (not yet solved with doc) are probably causing me to keep extra weight on.

24. My hypoglycemia makes eating right more difficult.

25. I think I am pre-diabetic so it must be working against me.

So to anyone reading this right now... what are your excuses?? These are ALL the excuses I plan to leave behind. There are probably more and I have no intention on using those again either. It's NO EXCUSES for me!
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  • CRISSA1669
    I'm with you...I have NO EXCUSES as well. I have no excuse for why and how I have let my body get obese and now I have no excuse for not working hard to get it off. We ALL know what to do to lose weight but we tend to make so many excuses just like the ones you have listed to NOT do what it takes. It is very refreshing and liberating when we FINALLY just wipe all of the excuses off the table and stop running our mouths and JUST DO IT ALREADY!! I'm sure many people heard me talking about HOW I could lose weight and what exercises are best and this and that...all that talk but little to no moving of the REAR END!! So glad to be done with all of that and now it's just time to do the work!!! NO EXCUSES, just hard work, commitment, sweat and results...Yes it's hard, yes it may take minute but just get the job done!!! Nice blog, thanks!!!!!
    3565 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8594074
    I can relate to so many of your excuses. One that I used is that my husband loves me anyway...who do I need to impress. Guess what...he loves me alive too so I have to be healthy for me, him and our kids. emoticon
    3565 days ago
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