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Goals for the week....

Monday, November 07, 2011

It seems like a few of my other friends on here are off to good starts this week. In step with that I figured I would throw a few of my own thoughts out there for the week.

Goals for the week of 11/7 -

1) Work on getting 8 glasses of water in a day. I usually am so close to 8 but never quite get there. Today I'm halfway through so far. I'm hoping to chug another 2 cups before dinner.

2) Continue workouts. Get in my 3 strength training workouts and 3 cardio.

3) Blog at least twice this week if not 3x's. Sometimes I don't blog for lack of anything amazing to say but so what. Its all about staying connected.

Those are my biggies this week! In other news I signed up for Chalean Johnson's Push book/party event...that starts this Friday. I'm also signed up for a 5 day challenge for Shakeology which should start any day now. I think I'm learning that I can handle the little challenges and work those into regular healthy habits. I just don't do good with the long extended challenges for whatever reason.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!
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