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I've Reached My Goal Weight!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today is the day, hip hip hooray! I have been on this journey to get fit, healthy and lose 60 lbs. for fourteen months. Seriously began my efforts 11 months ago when I purchased the Spark and started working out daily. Sparkpeople.com has been an invaluable asset. When I began tracking my food and fitness, the lbs. melted off. Tracking and consistently working out have been key to my success.
My workouts consisted of walking, swimming, biking, Leslie Sansone's "Pilates You Can Do" and a sparkpeople.com generated strength routine. Really getting off my duff and moving it made all the difference! I look forward to my daily 20 minutes of pilates or 30 minutes of strength training. When I began, It was an effort for me to ride my bike for 10 minutes as I was recovering from knee surgery and was at my most unfit point in my 57 years. Slowly I built up my strength and stamina and now regularly ride for 90 minutes on the weekends. My pool and a 72 year old neighbor lady became my friend/workout partner this summer and we swam together religiously for an hour every day over my summer break. My neighbor was truly inspirational.
My diet was lots of fruit, more fruit, veggies, lots of protein, and very little bread. I never denied myself the occasional treat either! I love a good cookie and piece of chocolate, etc. and included them in my plan!
The encouragement from all of the sparkers and all of the nutrition and fitness information on this site have been keys as well. Thank you to all of you for your help on this journey!
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