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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NEW HAIR DO PICS... emoticon emoticon emoticon....will have to wait a week or two, possibly even three or four!!!! emoticon Have to admit I was brave enough to send them via text message to a few close friends, but have mercy, I'm so not ready for the spark world to see me yet! Blond was the official plan, not "FOXY- LOXY ORANGE!!!!" GIGGLING THAT I AM! This makes me think of Forest, Forest Gump~"my" extra special friend(once again)....."Sh*T Happens." (And always when we least expect)!!!! LOL !!!

Yeahhhh a few touch ups MUST TAKE PLACE, before brave enough to post pics for all to see. It will happen though...eventually. Do Love my new haircut. So Easy to take care of~just perfect for a lady on the go, from one Dr. appt to another, not only for myself right now, but for my daughter too.

Hope everybody here is doing well~actually GREAT! That would complete my yesterday in the most peaceful way, and begin today with emoticon(warm) emoticon(hearted) emoticon(CHEERS), as well as possibly sweet slumber, when finally my body tuckers out, and I get to emoticon(BED) FOR SOME emoticon. A baby buggy.....wow.....seriously???
?? Chuckling that was the closest emoticon I could find showing a BED!!! Chrisssssss what's with that????? LMH(iney)O!!!

My DH will be home come Thursday mid morning sometime for the first time since Labor Day Weekend. The only time since then we have got to see each other was when Mom and I made our flying trip to Topeka, when he was having emergency surgery. I stayed that night at the HOSPITAL with him, and the following day we got him back to where he is staying, and headed back for home. What could have turned out mighty frightening, the Good Lord had a handle on very well, and all went soooo Great! Praise the Lord for That! Mom felt it was a wasted trip, after her panic to get me there....(shaking my head), I do believe she had in her mind she was getting me there for FINAL GOODBYE'S AND THEN LIFE WOULD CARRY ON without him. Darrin's close friend had a few words with her about that, in a gentleman way of course, but set her straight, and she's not said another word...not sorry, not anything, but at least she knows her outburst about our wasted trip when the surgeon appeared to say he came through surgery well, and would be going back to him room within 45 minutes or so, was WAYYYY OUT OF LINE! I was just in SHOCK, and grew up knowing better than to correct her at any time(felt like that child again). Gus took over for me, but only when he had time alone with her, as not to make a scene. Both Lela and I are looking forward to seeing him, as he is counting down the days until he arrives. My mind is focusing on all that I'd like to have accomplished before he gets here, but my physical therapist has already warned me, not wear myself down, or I'll spend his time here, and our trip to see my neurologist~sick, rather than truly enjoying our brief time together before he leaves again for "however long." She's right, NOW I JUST HAVE TO FORCE MYSELF TO LISTEN~ OBEY~ & BEHAVE emoticon emoticon emoticon.....EASIER TYPED OUT THAN ACTUALLY DONE!!!! HA!

Welll.....just last week I found out I am diabetic. Something I've been working so hard from the age of 12 to AVOID, HAS CAUGHT UP WITH ME, and I truly believe if in the last year in a half, if I could have kept up my normal HEAVY DAILY EXERCISING/DIETING LIFESTYLE~it wouldn't be here yet. I'm not beating myself up for it though, am just feeling emoticon, but that shall pass. This is just another bump in the road, that will grant me a bit more wisdom, as well as life experience, that in turn I may be able to help others through in due time. Trying to find the positive in a challenging moment, and by the Grace of God, and prayers already started not only by me, but by others who know and care~tis beginning to work. While it is emoticoning, we find shelter from the storm emoticon, and eventually~the warmth of God's Glorious emoticon warms our hearts again...... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon.

For now, That is an update my Dear Spark Family~I send my Love to each and every one of you, and THANK YOU ALLLLL FOR YOUR REPLIES ON MY LAST BLOG. Awwww also, if there have been special notes left on my page, as well as spark goodies sent~Thank you for those as well. I've not yet been thus far. Updating you was first and foremost at the front of my mind~because I Love and Miss You All So Very Much!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Happy Thanks Giving To Those of you who celebrate, and if I have spark friends who by religion who do not, Just know I will think of that as an "I LOVE YOU DAY," FOR YOU!!!! emoticon emoticon

May The Light Of His Love Shineeee Uponnnnn YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!
~Diane~ emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You've made me smile with your hair story.

    Hope you have a blessed time with hubby.

    Keep pressing on, my friend. God is good! Good is faithful! Always!
    3530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10752350
    Diane, just keep on living life to the fullest and just realize how much you are loved and appreciated for who you are and not what you do.

    Your do is not who you are.

    You will figure all of this out and you are an over comer and a winner and your attitude is so outragiously awesome.

    I wouild so enjoy meeting you and just having a good old fashioned coffee clothch with you. Meaning just to sit down for a few hours every week and just talk with each other over coffee, tea or me? LOL

    Yes, you are going through some hard stuff.

    But, you are going through them and not allowing them to go through you.

    Your heart and soul are just so beautiful and full of love.

    More than anything I want you to live your life on your terms and what makes you happy and full filled as a human being.

    Going through the hard times is what makes us who we are.

    We either get bitter or better and it sure seems to me you are getting better and better.

    I love you and you are needed and loved by many people.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3531 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4756432
    ur amazing and i love ur soul..so full of love and bright. life is what it is..no?? and we do the best with what we have. muuuahhhh!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3535 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10018622
    Thanks for the update. Good to hear how you are doing. Will continue in prayer. Hugs.
    3538 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8574152
    Ahhh... I'm sorry about all the stress that's poured into your life as of late, Diane... It sounds like an awful lot to have to cope with right now, and I can well imagine that you'll be looking forward to some of it easing up for you emoticon It just seems like so much, but if anyone's strong, feisty, and positive enough to give that the best shot in the world, it's truly you. I hope all goes as well and as very smoothly as possible as you learn more about the treatment you'll be using. And neurologist's appointments are never anyone's idea of a good time! I'll be glad when easier days are here for you. I'll bet your new haircut's adorable, though (as are you!)! Here's all the best toward a smooth, peaceful, and happy Thanksgiving, sweetie - Susan
    3539 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    *hugs* sorry about your diabetes xxx whats the plan for that?
    3539 days ago
  • no profile photo JOEYKIRKWOOD
    YOu must miss your DH! And sorry to hear about your diabetic diagnosis; but Spark has so many great tips about healthy lifestyle that you will have lots of ways to control your diabetes. I wish you all the best.
    3540 days ago
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