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3 top Secrets to my success

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

We're now a few days into the new year with resolutions still in full force (hopefully). The gym is packed and there is just a sense of, "I'm gonna do this!". With every body transformation there is a inner transformation that occurs as well. While I love the physical changes the inner changes are what make me most proud. We all want the secret to weight loss and I can assure you it doesn't come in pill or droplet form.

The secret comes from within....

Now let me forewarn you as if you may not already know, February is coming then March and by the time you know it we will be half way into the year. I'm only warning you now because its the choices you make today and every day for the rest of your life that will determine your success.

I've been at this 2 years now and I've learned a few things about strength training, HIIT cardio, high protein, whole grains and on and on. But the real lesson's I've learned are what has really brought me true success. And while I'm pretty much on "maintenance" (never maintaining always want better ;) these secrets are something I CONTINUALLY have to practice so I don't slip back into my old ways. You remember these next 3 things and I promise you, you will succeed!

3 secrets to success:

Did you hear that? Times up for the victim mentality of having no time or I just can't do it. You CAN do it! If you want it badly enough.

You are not where you are because anyone forced you to eat what you eat or kept you from exercising. When I realized I had gotten myself to where I was and 40 lbs. overweight it was because I chose to neglect my physical body or eat without intention. I chose to allow myself to keep going up in pants size one at a time. But there was that moment when I took responsibility for my actions (or lack of) and I realized:

1. I was worth more then how I was treating myself and my body with neglect.
2. ONLY I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE...thats complete responsibility for one's own actions

Every time I want to make an excuse for myself and create my own pity party I remind myself there are people that are busier then me right now at the gym.....or how about....there are people with physical handicaps that make it to the gym. So what excuse do I really have??.....none!!

I'm a firm believer we are all a result (physically) of the life we choose to live. Fine there are some health issues that cause someone to gain weight more easily then others but for the most part we are all the same.

We all have to deal with the cards we are dealt, we take responsibility and make it happen or don't make it happen.

So maybe you're 6 months in and still working on losing weight. So be it....my viewpoint was when starting out was that I had all the time in the world if I planned to live late into my 90's! If it takes me the rest of my life learning to treat myself and body with the love and respect it deserved. I was now going to take responsibility for MY actions.


Let me just tell you now, the time-line you have set for yourself to lose the weight you want.....well just add a couple of weeks or maybe even a few months to that. I'm pretty sure every 5 lb. weight lose goal I had, I had to move it back...yep I'm pretty sure every single one of them.


Because I am human. I slip up, I cheat, I learn. And that is ok....I most certainly didn't get to where I am today by being perfect. I got to where I am today by forgiving myself and not punishing myself for every mistake I ever made while trying to learn to be healthy.

I forgave myself and learned some lesson's along the way. Some lesson's I had to learn over and over again. Have you met me??? I'm a stubborn person and that goes both ways trying to break a habit and trying to create new one's.

Please forgive yourself and move on...it's the only way you'll succeed.

Don't punish yourself by quitting.


Let me just break it to you gently right here and right now. If you want a true lifestyle change of health it will not come over night. I know you want results almost immediately after every good healthy deed you do but that's not how life works.

True results come after countless yes's to exercise and countless no's to unhealthy food.

It takes time disciplining yourself and your body when before it was a free for all. Time and hard work.

It's not easy, I can't reinforce that statement enough. It's not easy so be patient.

Honestly though patience isn't that much of a concern when you have taken responsibility for your actions and have learned to forgive yourself over and over again. You just know you'll get there when you get there.

No formula of do this and do that or eat this and not that....because we are all on our own journey and we all decide what is right for our own lives when it comes to the specifics but it's these 3 truths that always stay the same. You will succeed if you remember these 3 things.

1. take responsibility for yourself
2. learn to forgive yourself
3. patience
you do this over and over......every day and i promise you'll get there.

So yes these are the secrets to my success....ssshhhh top secret! :)
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