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Avalon 50 Mile Benefit Run

Monday, January 16, 2012

Catalina was a blast!! And once again thank you Pixies for the spark notes, goodies and well wishes. You guys certainly made a difference in my run. Every time I needed a little extra boost I would close my eyes and picture another pixie sharing their fitness miles with me and that would reenergize me. I also used the special pixie magic you guys were radiating to keep it overcast throughout most of the race. Yeah Pixie Dust!!!

Our group of 10 started at Midnight and to me that was the best part of the run. The moon was bright and I was running without a flashlight. Did I say run? It was mostly uphill and we walk the uphill’s but it was still fun. At dawn we arrived right above Two Harbors and running into a tiny picturesque port with buffalo all around us was amazing. I fell in love with Catalina all over again. While climbing out of Two Harbors we reached 26.7 miles. We just finished a marathon distance and we were jazzed. We also lost our coach around then; he had reinjured his knee and urged us to keep going. He later did have to drop from the race around 12 that afternoon. So sadly as we climb out of Two Harbors we started to spread out and lost contact with each other.

The next aid station was at Little Harbor which was mile 33.2. I just completed a 50k!! This distance knocked me out in December but this day is was very, very doable. This was also where our drop bags were so while I was taking off my shoes I found a huge ugly blister on the side of my big toe. There was much discussion around me whether I should pop it or not but it was decided it was best to leave it alone and just bandage it. The soup that I brought to reenergize me didn’t seem very appetizing so I skipped that and opted for some orange slices and pretzels. In hindsight I should have eaten some real food.

Our next destination was Eagles Nest at 38.8 which involved some climbing but some awesome downhill’s too. I discovered on a much anticipated downhill that I could no longer run, I now had a blister on the front of my middle toe. OUCH! Once I got to Eagles Nest I was told besides bandaging the blister to also put Vaseline on it to stop the friction. Who Knew??? I’m going to Google that, Maybe I should have swabbed my entire feet with the stuff before the run? Does anyone know? I was tired and it looked like I was now going to be walking the last 11 miles. It was 1:15 when I left Eagles Nest and started heading to Pumphouse Hill. It took over 2 hours to cover the next 5 miles. We are talking an average of 24 minute miles. And jeeeezz I’m pretty sure the last ½ mile took 20 minutes all by itself. At one point the race director’s car came by and asked if I was alright and if I needed a lift. I declined and made it to mile 44 all on my own. Only 6 more miles to go!

At the Pumphouse aid station I sat down for around 15 minutes, felt sick to my stomach and headed for some nearby bushes. No porta-pottys here. I started throwing up what little food I had and called it a day. I was exhausted and dehydrated. Yes, it was only 6 more miles to go, 2 of them up hill, but I figured I wouldn’t be in until 6 pm and was it really worth it?? Yes and No. I made the right decision for me with the knowledge I had at the time.

When I got back into town my coach said that after being sick I should have rehydrated my body, rested a while and I would have been good to go. I’m still not certain about that but I will take that information into consideration for next time. YES, there will be a next time!!! I loved it out there and it was perfect timing to start the next round of BLC. Seeing all these really healthy people, young and old, has motivated me. This round I will lose the 12 lbs.’ I have pledge and be within goal weight very, very soon!

emoticonI love you Pixies!!! Is anyone up for a 50K next month??

Video clip of an Avalon 50 www.ecatalina.com/catali
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