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My scale is punk a$$ bitch

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It has been 8 months since my last blog. People kept asking me why I did not blog more often. My response? I had nothing else to say. My one and only blog summed it all up. Well.....that has changed.

I have been working like a madwoman to continue my journey. Workouts are brutal sometimes. I hit a 6 month plateau that nearly ruined me!!!! Still, I powered through. I made some nutritional changes at the end of December and change up my workouts again. Finally, I saw some movement on the scale in the downward direction. Suddenly, I felt empowered again. Like I was accomplishing something.

I have been working so friggin' hard ...I expected a loss this week, again. But noooooo...all this work and perfect nutrition...no movement & an occasional gain! I have worked out every day. My scale was unkind yesterday. But, I dragged my a$$ outta bed - with a sore throat...and got on the treadmill for my running program. Half way through I stopped...was tired and aggravated and a little sad. But I pressed "GO" and finished the run schedule.

I just really NEED this to work for me. I have lost over 14 pounds since 12/26/11....but I need to get lower. It has to work. It just has to.

I have managed to sit at work on Fridays with a kitchen full of treats like donuts, croissants, kingcake, cookie cake. I have not indulged in ANY of it. Even managed to stay away from the temptation of order lunch from various places all week long. So, I have been sooo good!!! And I need this to MOVE!!!

Sorry for the rant. But it is heartbreaking to me. And hard to explain. Today was my weigh in w/ my spark team. Kinda feel like a failure ..since I could not really could not report a loss.

I know I should not care what that the scale shows. I know I have lost 176 pounds and that's great.....but it is not enough. I am not done. I told myself after my run yesterday morning that I was better for having completed the run - even if it made no difference on the scale. I KNOW it...but it sometimes doesn't matter. Y'know?
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  • no profile photo CD12626831
    hmmm, I don't know much as I'm a beginner but, I think it's because your body is quietly forming it's strategbefore it mounts an all out, last stage attack on those last few stubborn fat cells that have been creating all the other follower fat cells through the years and when they find them, they will blast through and demolish the leader cells for good!!! yaaayyy! victory for the fit muscle cells!!!! (victory dance near scale before turning around and shaking your new fit booty and the scale while ma
    king "kiss it" noises) so hang in there and there and keep supporting the muscles with healthy food and oxygen and training for the big moment!!
    3324 days ago
    My scale is a punk a$$ b*tch, too. It has gone UPWARDS steadily in spite of adding strength training, cutting down on sodium, increasing cardio, and it doesn't matter how much I have accomplished, when I weigh in, that d@mn scale wipes everything away quicker than Godzilla strolling through downtown Tokyo. You would think that SOMETHING would budge, but it doesn't. If anything, it goes in the wrong direction. I know this is going to sound pretty hollow, but be glad that you've gotten rid of those 176 pounds (which is completely amazing to me and makes you a super hero in my book). You could be plateauing at 291 instead of where you're at right now. You look ah-mazin'. Just don't give up, and keep up the fight, because you've already proved that you're worth it.
    3332 days ago
    Congrats on sticking with your plan even if the results are slow or seemingly nonexistent. The way I see it is that I usually feel fine if I stick with my program whether I lose weight or not; however, when I start eating things I try to stay away from, when I skip a workout, I feel absolutely miserable. So that is a lesson I had to learn, that just doing it whether or not my mind is into it is better than not doing it at all. emoticon
    3338 days ago
    I know what you mean...the scale can MAKE or BREAK my day. Go with how you feel and how your clothes feel. You look AMAZING. Thank you for sharing your frustrations. It helps me not feel alone in mine.
    3415 days ago
  • BILL60
    Ms Shelly, My Bud: You lost 14 pounds in 2 months. That's not too shabby. Secondly, you haven't gained any weight. That's pretty successful right there. We all want to lose it fast, with no breaks in the journey. Unfortunately, we get tested often along the way. It's the ones tahat hang tough (Like You) that get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. So, hang tough, be yough and have faith.

    Your Bud,
    3441 days ago
    Try not to get discouraged. You are by no means a failure. Plateau's unfortunately happen and sometimes switching up your workout routine and even menu helps kick things back into gear. I think our bodies get used to our exercise and calorie intake and just gets stuck in a rut; it's one of my biggest struggles maintaining. I recently read an article about trimming calories per bite to rim pounds. It spoke about lowering calorie density in meals ie if you increase the amount of water in a casserole, which we do primarily by adding vegetables, which are mostly water, you lower the calorie density. I may not be explaining it very well but it was interesting. Nonetheless, don't give up and keep sparking, and smiling!
    3445 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel! I joined spark in 2006 and lost 130 lbs. I had plateaus that did not make sense, but I kept on going. I kept going because even though the scale was not budging, I knew that I was getting stronger and healthier and maintaining a routine, a habit, that I knew I needed to maintain.

    Unfortunately for me, I let other issues keep me from maintaining and I am right back at square one. Trust me, square one is not a fun place to be. It's worse than any plateau. Keep doing what's best for you and your body. Maybe it's just catching up? What I discovered when I reached my goal weight, is that if I divided the amount of weight I lost over the time period it took to lose it, it averaged out to two pounds per week. I had plateaus where I lost nothing, then I had weeks where I lost 7 or more pounds! It all balances out in the end.

    You are TRULY an inspiration. You have inspired me and I am only in my second week of this new Spark journey. Keep up the great work and just know that you have a lot of people rooting for you and you are doing the right thing by pushing through despite what the scale says!

    3468 days ago
    Speaking from experience as long as your trying at least if the scale is stuck in the same place your not going up. When I got frustrated I gave up (again) and gained 5 lbs a month until I had almost reached my starting weight (I lost 101 pounds)...dont give up keep doing the right thing your body will lose when it's ready. I havent read the rest of your blogs so I dont know this but, I was wondering if you have tried changing your form of exercise ... like maybe getting a jump rope and a really good sports bra or two. emoticon Hang in there it will be worth it!
    3468 days ago
    3468 days ago
    You're right--the scale, it's nickname is devil. It doesn't like to see us winning and tries to discourage us. But you WILL prevail. I looked at your 2009 before pic and your 2011 recent pics, and WOW! You musn't get discouraged. When this last happened to me, I said, "Well, we're just gonna see who will outlast, me or this plateau. My money is on ME." And I did. And you will too!
    3469 days ago
    PLATEAUS (in the infamous words of Paralesenic) CAN SUCK IT!

    I refuse to feel guilty, like a failure, or anything else because of a plateau. Our bodies took this long (for me over 18 yrs) to get out of shape... I am not letting a plateau derail my plan to get to where I want. 'nuff said.

    I admire your tenacity - keep up the great work!

    ~Irish (aka The Incredible Shrinking Mom)

    *Plan to work and work your plan*
    3469 days ago
    I get what you're saying completely! I've been on a 16 week plateau myself. SO frustrating! I really, REALLY wish the scale would move. If it doesn't move soon, I'll share my sledgehammer with you... LOL!

    Hang in there!

    3469 days ago
    Yes, I totally get what you are saying. It makes it hard to be so focused when the reward you crave is not there. My scale and I have a love/hate relationship and more often than not, it's pure unadulterated hate! Don't let that scale get the best of you. No matter how much it refuses to cooperate, it does not mean we are not making headway.

    Keep going, I'm cheering for you!

    3472 days ago
    So sorry that it has been such a struggle, I have heard of these plateaus and they sound very scary and obviously are!!! I have heard of intervalling your workouts and that might help trick your body. Also someone told me she stopped getting into her cardio zone all the time and went into her fat burning zone which hers was 117 heart instead of 144 and she started losing weight again. Also have heard to eat at the higher range of your calorie count range too. Don't know if you've tried them. I myself started interval training and it started working for me. Otherwise Stay The Course, it will work itself out! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3473 days ago
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