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April 15th

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I just can't come up with a witty title for anything LOL.

We had a nice spring break here. I took the boys on 2 hikes while they were off. First we went back to Sugarloaf Mountain. After reaching the summit we went down the path a little differently this time to make for a longer hike. My youngest told me that he didn't like it but it was because he was tired and said it was too long. I would say that hike was more like 2 1/2 miles judging by reading the map. Our next hike was at Bear Branch Nature center and I think that hike was similar in length...maybe just a bit shorter. This hike didn't have as many hills so it was easier and they also have Raptor cages which the boys love to see. Its really nice hiking with the boys and they do really well with it. My oldest has informed me he wants to hike Old Rag but I think that is going to be a while before we can work up to that (he is 9).

In other news I'm up to 16 pushups on my toes which is cool to see. I'm halfway to my goal of 30 on my toes!

I'm doing ok with focusing on diet. I think I would have made better progress had Easter not fallen the day before weigh in. I'm sure the salty ham did me no favors.

My downfall with diet is in the evening. I don't do horrible but I could certainly do much better. From what I read this is something a lot of people struggle with so I know I'm not alone. I personally don't think its bad to eat at night if you are hungry but if I'm going to eat stuff that isn't the best that is when I end up doing it.

I did a lot of planting in my garden yesterday. I got all of my cool weather veggies in. I can't wait to get fresh peas, lettuce and broccoli. I planted a few other things too. I love how it helps cut down on the grocery bill.

Have a great week everyone!
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