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Phew! Crazy Day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Woke early today, like... 2:15 or so. BGL fine, though I did eat some nuts... My hands itching and tingling-- and I realized that I forgotten my medications (my B12 in particular!) last night--and it's too close to the next dose to be taking it now. Ugh. Kind of nauseous, too, because I didn't eat right away... and there's no milk or bread, and I was so busy with the laundry yesterday that I didn't do the kitchen things: there isn't a single clean dish in the house. AGH! lol

And... I've got all kinds of paperwork to gather for the review for DSHS, because they've denied me the last six months (apparently not enough receipts??)... talk about STRESSED!

I had an appointment with my oncologist this morning, just before lunch... to go over the labs from last week. All the cancer markers are NORMAL! HURRAY! LOL On the other hand... Dr. Rose was concerned because I am apparently anemic! Wasn't expecting that one-- but after a moment, I realized what it could be: I mentioned the kidney issues and that I'd been spilling protein... she asked a few questions, and the upshot was that she wanted to do a few more blood tests--to check for the kidney thing, since I don't see my specialist until August, and to test for antibodies against the intrinsic factor that aids in the absorption of B12... Hm. LOL

Her lab has one of the best phlebotomists I've ever come across. This little gal sent me home once, because she couldn't find a vein--she didn't poke me at all, she said my skin texture was off, that I was dehydrated... she was quite right as it turns out! LOL. Every other time I've seen her, she takes ONE POKE, and I'm done. SO nice!...
I had one of the others once, and they were training someone new... neither the trainer nor the trainee could find a place to poke. They went and got her... LOL Just like today. One poke! LOVE it! LOL

So, I have another appointment to follow up, in a couple weeks. Hm. More busy, busy... *giggle*

I also had to do some shopping today, a few essentials like toilet paper, milk, bread (too exhausted to make my own, and no wonder! LOL) It took a lot longer than I had planned, and I ended up having to eat lunch out. I went to Shari's (a lot like Denny's family restaurant, for those who don't know)... they have a luncheon special, so for $10 (including tax and tip) you pick three from soup, salad, a half sandwich... and a slice of pie. AS IF... *giggle*

I didn't eat the soup, too salty! And besides, the soup for the day was corn tortilla soup. I like my ground corn a bit more SOLID, y'know? LOL Don't like grits OR corn meal mush... But tortillas themselves, corn bread or Johnny Cake? All cool... or hot, depending on your point of view! LOL

ANYway... I went to test my BGL beforehand... and discovered I had no test strips They were all in the pouch with that OTHER METER, from that 24/7 monitor thing!... The phone ap for SP didn't get me the carb count I needed, just the calories, so... Nothing like guessing how much insulin, y'know?

I figured out two thirds of the calories, and divided that by the four calories per gram... Came pretty close, actually!

Then it was off to finish that shopping... and I didn't get done and get home until about 15 minutes to 5:00 pm. Brian walked in right after I'd changed and taken my shoes off... I'm beat and in pain, my poor feet! LOL Can't wait to get my new diabetic shoes...

Never had Hoisin duck before, that's what Brian brought home for dinner... I'd eaten a few bites, and then realized that it had SAFFRON in it. I'm allergic to saffron, even just a whiff usually makes me quite ill... needless to say, I didn't eat any more! LOL I made myself a bologna sandwich--another something I SHOULDN'T eat, but it's better than being sick on an empty stomach!... and I am a bit nauseous. emoticonI'm going to take an anti nausea pill, and oh yeah, a benedryl while I'm at it... and then I'll go feed the cats some of that duck! LOL

Poor Brian, he's disappointed I can't enjoy it too--but he's also ecstatic-! Because he gets it all to himself now--at least, whatever the cats don't eat! LOL I just saw him sneak some to the cat outside!


Who are you, and what have you done with Brian! LOL

I'm off to feed the other kitties a small feast... just a few nibbles to go with their kibbles... emoticon
G'night, and be well...
Kathy emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    AWESOME news about no cancer!!! Wish I had your phlebotomist Thursday. I have a big bruise that continues to grow each day. lol So glad you were on the ball with that duck and didn't eat any more.
    Hope you are resting and taking good care of yourself.
    Blessings, love and hugs,
    3377 days ago
  • SAMI199
    emoticon Normal results!!!

    emoticon good poker!

    emoticon Food Allergies

    emoticon Your awesome attitude!

    emoticon Hugs to you!
    3380 days ago
    I have never had hoisen duck but love saffron and would hate to be allergic to it.

    I hope things calm down for you soon. You need some rest and lack of stress.

    It's nice to see the kitties getting a cut of the goodies. LOL.
    3381 days ago
    Happy for you about the cancer markers. My lil sis just had her visit with "the onc man" as she calls her oncologist. Markers were stable. Yippee! So, I can feel your relief about that one. Today she sees her nephrologist to see what her labs are.

    You are one special lady. So much to deal with and you DEAL! That's an inspiration.

    HUGS and glad you realized the duck had saffron. YIKES!
    3382 days ago
    Hi Kath...
    So glad to hear the cancer news...... every bit of good news is a gift.

    I, too, have hideous veins. Having had a series of very severe blood diseases === you can imagine how many 'pokes' I've had. My arms are useless....they have to go to the back of my hands now. I once made a phlebotomist cry...not intentionally, but because after a number of pokes...she just couldn't get a vein....and, like you she had to call a supervisor, who got it in one poke. I always feel sorry for them...I tell them it's not THEIR fault, and to just be patient; I don't mind the pokes. (I lie!! lol)

    Thinking of you.....always. Just left you a message on your page.

    Have a happy day, Kath.
    3382 days ago
    So glad to hear the good news about no cancer finding! It's hard for most people to appreciate what a blessing it is to find a good phlebotomist. When they know what they're doing, getting stuck can be almost painless. My DH goes every 2-3 weeks, and we have seen our share of all kinds. The best are at his hematologist's office. I could hug them for being so gentle and expert at what they do. Get back to eating healthy. That will help you feel better. Take care of yourself as well as you do the kitties!
    Have an awesome day!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3382 days ago
    What a busy day you had. Great news about no cancer, looking good. So many blood tests but at least this doctor wants to find out. Which is good news.
    have a rest dear friend
    3382 days ago
    Great news about the cancer hugs
    3382 days ago
    Wow what a busy day. Cancer --great news, hope all else is good for you. I hate blood work. i have small veins and they move, some times a get some one good. Usually i have this big bruise that lasts for 2 or 3 days.. Well find you something good to eat tomorrow. Take care of your self.
    3382 days ago
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