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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yippee, I've reached goal. Now the real work and trouble is beginning. sigh....... My pschy says, "you are at goal, you can eat anything now". Of course, logic knows that one can not fall back into bad habits without having the same results as before - high bs, body fat and fat body. Who said insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results?

But, this is hard. Stepping on the scale no longer gives the thrill of the weight loss. It is time to adjust my thinking. Now I will be very happy that my weight stays the same with no gain. I want to have some of those fun foods from the bad habits. Unfortunately I have learned that I can not have just a little of some foods because then I crave more and more. My mind knows these foods do not even taste good to me anymore, yet I want them. Time for another thinking adjustment. I eat healthy now because I like the way I feel when I'm healthy. Not sluggish, fuzzy brained nor tired. The one minute taste of "those" foods is not worth the aftermath. With diabetes I am fighting for my life everyday. Chocolate chip cookies are not worth it!!

Facing the eating challenges of being out at parties or events is really starting to wear me down. I worry about what I will eat, when I will eat and who will be trying to ply me with food. No real problem that can not be solved with planning and preparing. My fabulous friends accept my "strange" eating habits (no cake and coffee). Some of my friends have even read up on diabetes and are extra encouraging of my exercise and eating because they want a healthy me.

I am very thankful for my health. Spark people and my good Spark friends have made all the difference. Logging food, exercise and having the support of the good Spark friends has helped me stay on track. It is incredible to find so many people having the same issues. I no longer feel alone in my food battles.

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  • LEMALONE1960
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!!
    The reason I chose a smart carb diet is because carbs and sugar are my biggest challenge and just cutting back wasnt getting the results I wanted.
    I always felt like a nibble here or there wouldnt matter- and altho I AM still losing weight- its S-L-O-W-L-Y........ I was HOPING to lost 14 lbs before my anniversary on the 15th of May and the 21 Day Sugar Detox said I could possibly lose between 14-21 pounds in that period. Which I most certainly would have done had I just stuck with it.
    I wanted a kickstart- a BIG bang to motivate me again and keep me going in the right direction. What I got was a 9 pound weight loss - which was GREAT! But I also got the de-motivation of failing to finish it.
    So I've decided to go it again, but this time spead it out over 6 weeks...One week ON- One off ......and see how that works for me.

    As I said- I havent given up- I'm just trying to figure out whats gonna work best for ME at this point. I still have about70 pounds to go before I'm at my FINAL goal weight.

    Thanks for commenting, hun. Answering your question made me think about WHY I chose the detox and solidify my plan to try again!!!

    And CONGRATS on reaching your GOAL WEIGHT!!! How awesome is that? I'm with the other girls and think you need another goal- something not exactly WEIGHT related. I like doing the charity walks/runs. My special cause is Cancer Awareness. So many people in my family and circle of friends ahve been affected by that awful disease that I put every effort into helping find a new treatment or cure for it!!! I hope to do a half marathon this year. Would something like that interest you? emoticon
    3321 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/9/2012 4:26:08 AM
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Now that you have hit a goal weight, perhaps you need another goal? How about a 5 or 10K (Perhaps you have done these things already?) A Spartan Race? If you are on Diabetes meds, can you work further to try and get off them entirely?

    I'm a goal driven person, so I hear your "pain" when you talk about "I've hit my goal. Now What?" You are definetly not alone! Keep up the good work!
    3329 days ago
    Carol, I am so proud of you -- YOU'RE MY HERO! Congratulations on reaching your first goal of losing weight.

    Now you get to work on your next goal, of being a super healthy person who just happens to have diabetes! No chocolate chip anything on the face of the planet tastes as good as being healthy feels.

    Keep in up,

    3329 days ago
    Ditto on the congratulations! I don't think, though that you ought to hold yourself to that one number--give yourself a little leeway of a pound or two for when you go out or there's a special occasion, knowing that in a few days you'll be back to normal. That's why my goal weight is deliberately a few pounds lower--that gives me a cushion!

    When I go out I purposely try to keep my portions down as well as eschewing bread and starch, if possible (although sometimes I indulge in pasta or my favorite, stuffed potatoes!) The key is to quit when you start feeling full.

    BTW, how much did you lose? Dare you tell us your weight? Just curious. At any rate, great job!


    emoticon emoticon
    3329 days ago
    Congrat's ,Carol. That's so Awesome !!!! You're so Awesome.
    Sounds like you've got the tools to be successful with your maintenance.
    I know you Can Do It !!!!
    3330 days ago
    emoticon on reaching your goal, I will be glad when I can say that!... how happy I will be!

    ~ Dee emoticon
    3330 days ago
    Great job, Carol, on reaching your goal weight. Doesn't it feel great to be able to move more freely and walk up stairs without getting short of breath. You should be commended for reaching your goal!! You are so right about the temptations not being worth it. I have certain rules I follow when eating out at parties or events. Nothing containing sugar, no processed foods, nothing with a crust or bun. I can usually find something that allows me to stay within my plan. Just don't worry about it. You surely don't need that added stress. I'm with you about Sparkpeople. SO many great caring people so willing to help and advise. I know my journey would have been so much harder alone and am so thankful for the day I stumbled on this website while researching my diagnosis and so very thankful for the friends I have made here. Keep up the great job you have accomplished!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    pat emoticon
    3330 days ago
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