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Good grief!...

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Sunday night, and past my bedtime... crazy weekend, been kind of sick... maybe just the duck, maybe allergies, who knows. Mostly though, just no energy...

Maybe, too, it's just stress...

Wednesday last week, I got a letter from Medicaid. They said they'd denied my coverage from September of last year to March of this year! I didn't know they could deny it retroactively!--apparently, the receipts and bills I sent them didn't add up to enough to cover my spend-down (aka deductible). Now I don't know if any of the treatments and so on that I've had over the last six months have even been covered, and I don't know if I'm going to have six months of premiums to pay! I did find a few more unpaid bills while I was cleaning this weekend... three guesses what I'll be doing tomorrow! LOL

But I AM feeling the stress a bit, and my BP is being naughty. Last thing my eyes need, and I'm really noticing it now. My eyes ache sometimes, and my vision will blur when I've been doing close work for any length of time...

And my van broke down. I managed to get it to the shop: it's the alternator, and it means $250 or so in parts and labor...I have power steering, electric seats... ugh. And I DON'T have the $250 at the moment... I have just a little less than half that, until the third... and at that time, of course, there's the rent and the power and... and... LOL

The mechanic did say it'll keep running for a little bit, but to carry jumper cables, because it's not recharging the battery at full efficiency-- and he said to be prepared to call a tow truck if it does go out...

I'm working on my meditation when I go to bed in a few minutes... and I had a lovely petting session with a few VERY affectionate kitties (they KNOW), which always helps...

And of course, there's all of you... aaahhh, I feel better already! LOL

Kathy emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh Kathy, I can't even imagine the stress you must be under but I know you don't need this right now or at any time. Just know that I love you and I am praying for you.
    Blessings, love and hugs,
    3366 days ago
    Gf, you are too nice to have all of this bad luck. I'm sending a prayer for you for good news and better days.
    3372 days ago
    3374 days ago
    Sorry that all this is hapenning reallt too much HUGS
    3375 days ago
    I'm so sorry Kathy this is happening to you. It just goes on and on doesn't it. It should not be this hard. It is making you a stronger person LOL. but your kidneys do not need the extra stress all the time.
    loving thoughts for you my friend.
    3375 days ago
    Kathy, I am so sorry. The stress of that has to be awful. Send back every EOB that you have with an appeal so that this doesnt affect your coverage now. If its in dispute, being appealed, you healthcare providers won't insist that you pay up now.
    I'm not a soft kitty but here's a hug from me.
    3376 days ago
    Oh my. I have to agree w/IOEINC. I did not know Medicaid could be denied retroactively. **SIGH** I'd make an appeal on that one. It's a battle to take care of health care coverage!

    Sorry to hear about your van too. **SIGH**

    HUGS and prayers for you.
    3376 days ago
    Oh Kath.... emoticon

    When it rains, it pours!! I thought MY situation is 'piling on'.....but yours trumps mine hands down. I don't know how Medicaid works.....but maybe with the new unpaid bills you found -- you will have met the 'deductible'. I'll keep my fingers/toes/eyes crossed for you.

    I know it's easier said than done.....but try to keep your stress levels down. I just finished a meditation.....and I am feeling quite relaxed. I've let stress really get to me these past couple of weeks. And I know stress can trigger a flare.....so I'm doing what I can to 'chill'.....even if the world around me is going mad (which it is at the moment!)

    Take it an hour at a time - and keep those kitties close. I can say with some assurance, THAT will be a mutually beneficial relationship!! There's nothing like a purring pussycat to lighten the load.

    Luv u lots........ emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3376 days ago
    emoticon & emoticon
    3376 days ago
    I didn't know that Medicaid could do that either. Is there some kind of appeal process? Isn't that the very idea of Medical Assistance? Crazy how healthcare works in this country. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way big time!!! You are very special to all of us and I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we just hate to see you so stressed. And isn't it funny how our pets always can seem to feel our upset! Glad they were able to help you somewhat feel better. As for the rest of us, we are always here for you!
    Take care!!
    pat in pa emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3376 days ago
    I will say even more prayers for you. It is so tough when it feels like no matter how hard you try you keep running into that preverbial wall. But you just hang in there and let us know how it is going! You're right, having a support system like the Sparklers that are here always makes it at least easier in that you can come and get it out of your head.
    You take care of you and I'll keep you in my prayers, asking God to drop a safe on....no that's probably NOT what I should be asking for.... emoticon emoticon
    3376 days ago
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