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How Can A Woman Go through 2 deliveries, and be afraid of....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Spring is here! This is a wonderful thing, truly so it is....with the exception of THE MILLERS!!!! There happens to be one flying around, hitting the light, the walls, the blinds, heaven forbid it hit the back of my neck while I am typing~it may be the FINAL BLOG I EVER TYPE!! LOL

Tis truly beyond me how I went through a 31 hour labor with my first child, the last 18 hours with contractions 2-3 minutes apart, and that did not scare me in the least. It was just part of getting my son here. I was prepared, with anticipation for 9 months knowing labor wasn't going to be easy. I knew it would have an END THOUGH! BUGSSSSS SHOW UP EVERY DERN SPRING! If only bugs could have the old "snip ~n~ clip" ya know...so they wouldn't reproduce any more~NOW THAT WOULD A BLESSING! Brought that first baby home in the middle of June~ OH YEAHHHHH JUNE BUGSSSS MANY GREETED US AT OUR FRONT DOOR!!!! Was a good thing I wasn't carrying the car seat~with that stubborn bitty bundle who fought to the end, until the doctors forced him into this world! Yep I got a ZIPPER!!! Aim to have that scar tatooed one day...an actual zipper it will be, but not with a bug charm on it for sure!

Baby two, nearly 5 years later was suppose to arrive at the end of April, so the doctor first said. The second appointment he moved that date back to mid march, this kept going on until finally a scheduled c-section was set for JANUARY 30TH. Sounds crazy, but is true. At first I was thinking...APRIL...OH NOOOOO MILLERSSSSSS!!!!! LOL , then as the due date was moved up and up, my thoughts were....whewwwww noooooo BUGS! And what might her nickname be????? Ladybug~of all things!!! Now there's a bug I LOVE~my daughter~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

I know...none of this pertained a single bit to weightloss; however if panic attacks burned calories, well I've had one heck of a GREAT WORK OUT over the past two hours, while sparking.....with this MILLER batting around ......shivering oh sooooo shivering !!!!!

Truly so, I'm not much a woman who likes being in the dark. Our home has lamps on throughout the house all night~every night year round. Our neighbor used to ask us if we EVER SLEPT! LOL LOL LOL Mind you he is family in a sense. I had to explain my fear of the dark to convince him that yesss we really slept. Then our first summer came in this home, and we were out on the side porch of our victorian rental home visiting with him, AND THE JUNE BUGS WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE! They are LIKE BLIND....TARGET HITTING MACHINES!!!! I was ALL OVER THE PLACE~ SQUEAKING AND SQUAWKING, DOING THE DIRTY BOOGIE ON THE SIDE PORCH, AND HE WAS HAVING A HOOT OF A TIME JUST WATCHING (yeahhh...do believe he is in his mid to late 70's....and oh soooo calm). He reminded me if I'D SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS, THE BUGS WOULD GO ELSE WHERE. LOL

This was quite the eye opener for me, that I probably have more fears, than doctors have cures!!! My children are nearly grown now. My son has lived through almost 20 seasons of millers and june bugs without following in my steps, and my daughter has lived through 15 seasons (14 actually); however she is 15 years old, remember she ended up being a winter baby instead of a spring baby, and like my son.....she has no bug phobia that I am aware of either. LUCKY KIDS!

Flowers are beautiful, soooo very beautiful. I've always "thought" of planting some of my favorites, but dog-gone-it they DRAW BUGS!!! Same goes for having a veggie garden. Mercy that would save so much money, as we are truly like a family of rabbits, ALTHOUGH I DO NOT REPRODUCE LIKE A RABBIT!!! LOL (No offense 11 Sprouts ~if you read this... emoticon). Should we plant a veggie garden then we' have GRASS HOPPERS~those scare me because of the bible saying that when the end comes, there will be masses of grasshoppers with the faces of men!!! Okayyyyyy....Put Densil Washington on one of those grass hoppers, Dirk Bently, my friend "GREG," or even GEORGE CLOONEY...and I'd probably pitch a tent in the garden!!! WHOOO-HOOOOO!!!!! I'm shameless!

This has been a fun blog; while at the same time, I know I'M NOT READY FOR BED NOW!!!! A BIT TOO JUMPY~THE MILLER JUST HIT THE COMPUTER SCREEN~ emoticon emoticon emoticon....DEAR LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH! emoticon's will be all over the place soon too~those furry legged hopping things, that see a million of us, WHEN WE ONLY SEE ONE OF THEM(at a time~if we are lucky). Praise the Lord we humans DON'T HAVE THEIR EYES!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE AROUND THE emoticon.

Okay on that note, I shall end with a question for "You." Do you have any phobias that seem bigger than life itself???? Maybe if a few of you share yours with me, through the blessings of your sharing suddenly these bugs....after 41 years of life.....I will sigh of relief, and FINALLY SEE THEM AS JUST A PAIN, RATHER THAN LITERALLY BLOOD PRESSURE RAISING, DIRTY BOOGIE DANCING MOMENTS OF FEAR!!!! emoticon

May the Zap Lights Protect You~ I'd love to own more than a few of my own, but don't. Soooo if you are out shopping for one or two, just think of me, and smile......knowing I am grateful you are doing your part to GET RID OF AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

~Di~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

For those of you who know me, Diane is my real name, but I have always gone by "Di." It fit perfect FOLLOWING, " BUGSSSSSS BE GONE THOUGH...." emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    NO offense taken,dear friend. :) Spiders are my fear-don't like them one little bit. Snakes are okay-there's one living in the basement(son has her in an aquarium) but I won't handle them.
    Glad to see you here.!!! and thank you for the boxing gloves and dumbells!!!! now to heal up this elbow so I can use dumbbells.....
    have a fabulous week!
    3316 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10018622
    You should see me with a moth flying around my head. We would be a pair. LOL Keeps my DH rolling. Hugs!
    3321 days ago
  • LVZ617
    One of the great things about SP is that you CAN talk about anything, and get support.

    My strange fear are dead things - like mice, animals on the road, etc. I will have nightmares for days on end.

    And I sleep with a nightlight in the bedroom and the kitchen, which means that I can walk from the bedroom into the hallway and never be in total darkness. I also keep a flashlight in my nightstand for power outages. I have also found emergency lights that plug into an outlet and go on when the power goes out. You can then pull them out of the wall and use them as a flashlight.

    Have you tried yellow lights to see if they will attract fewer bugs to your porch? And marigolds, at least, don't attract bugs other than bees. Hope this helps.
    emoticon Lin
    3322 days ago
    Thanks for the good laugh. Now as for me, when I was a kid, I loved catching June bugs. My brothers and sister and I would joy in tying a string around their neck and holding on as they buzzed around us or we would allow them to fly away as we held on and ran after them. Now that would be one heck of a way to exercise. LOL I don't like spiders especially black widows or scorpions both because they are poisenous. A scorpion stung me on my toe when I was 6 months pregnant with my second son. Talk about hurt!
    3322 days ago
  • -POOKIE-

    I hate spiders, which is sillym, because they cant hurt you, but Im fine with things that can ike dealing with wasps in the window or something
    3323 days ago
    Di, I don't like bugs either. I am not nesseraly afraid of them, I just don't like them. They make me 'itch'. Also, I do hate snakes!!! They 'take' my breath away! That is why I don't like tall grass. Snakes might be living and slithering in it!
    My other main fear is tornadoes! Living in Ohio we see our share. The worst ones come at night when you can't see them. In the early 60's while at work one went over where I was, and took part of the roof. In that one, it did 1 million $ worth of damage. Distroyed our city blg., and homes, etc.. That's enough for today. Have a good one!
    3323 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/15/2012 6:18:25 AM
  • JUNEBUG150
    Me, I don't like the stinging insects!! If a wasp gets in the house, I'm running out the door, lol! Same for bees, I got stung pretty bad by yellow jackets when I was a kid and have been afraid of them ever since.
    3323 days ago
    I hate spiders. And snakes, and slugs too!!! Bugs do not bother me though, I just squish or swat them lol.
    3323 days ago
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