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9 Months to Create a New Life...

Monday, June 04, 2012

...no, I haven't had a baby but I have DEFINITELY created a new life - mine! I can't believe how my life has changed in such a short time - thank you Sparkguy, SP staff, Sparkfriends, teammates, well, everyone here really - people I don't know or have never met have held out the hand of friendship and supported and encouraged and motivated and inspired me - it's pretty humbling!

So, what's different now?
I drink water (instead of fizzy drinks)
I get my freggies - more than 5 a day (used to struggle to get even 2!)
I eat healthily (used to eat toast and little else!)
I exercise consistently - target is just 10 minutes a day but I usually do more - latest streak is 87 days!
I move more freely - I can bend and twist and reach and climb stairs and have a spring in my step!
I walk more quickly and can keep up with a 'normal' pace (used to struggle with both speed and distance)
I swim regularly (was too embarrassed to go previously)
I go out in public with my head held high (used to avoid going out and want to be invisible)
I don't let what I think others must think of me stop me (used to not do things for fear of failure & ridicule)
I can buy clothes on the High Street (used to need plus size shops)
I wear clothes 5 sizes smaller
I accept and forgive slip ups (used to let them derail me and beat myself up)
I have a sense of achievement every day (used to focus on the things I hadn't done)
I give myself rewards (and compassion!)
I am motivated (used to seem too big a task to even start)
I have a much better quality of life
There are other things I'm sure, basically I think, act and feel differently - I am lighter, not only physically but mentally - I feel free!

The 'me' I want to be is still a work in progress but I'm doing well and am pleased with all that I've achieved so far. Happy 9 month SparkVersary to me!

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