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Hurt So Good

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An old schoolmate of mine has been seeing a Personal Trainer and raves about her progress. In fact, she doesn't have to even say a word - you can SEE the progress clearly just looking at her. 2 months for her, and 18.5 inches gone!!! Incredible! So I inquired about the rates, and she is UBER reasonable... She's just starting out her business so she's building up her client base and depending on word of mouth referrals. So I went for my first appointment on Sunday morning - BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT!!!!!!!!! I was able to do everything she asked, she pushed me beyond what I thought I could do a little... 1 hour. I left there feeling awesome!!!! And then Monday came... not that I don't feel awesome, but I was hurting. Stiff and sore muscles. It was nice actually to remember that they were there. I thought Monday was rough, and then came Tuesday - I literally had to roll out of bed this morning, my arms and legs are okay today but my abs!!!!! OMG! Great job hitting the lower stomach/abs too - haven't felt that hurt in some time!!!! She totally kicked my @$$ ~ which is exactly what I've been needing! I have another appointment on Thursday night! And despite my muscles screaming, I'm SO looking forward to it!!!! Every ache is so completely worth it! Going to spend some time tonight doing light yoga stretches... Next thing, is my eating - my trouble there right now is lunch. I'm not packing anything, and I don't have time to make anything really decent if I come home. So I'm grabbing food from the grocery store - hot meals, or whatever or just eating snacks from home. Not good. But I'm not going to waste the money on a Personal Trainer if I'm just going to eat like crap...

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