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Perfect Beach Paradise (w/ pics)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let me start this blog by saying that my mini-beach getaway was everything I hoped it would be plus more. My overall experience was far beyond my expectations. It was the perfect way to celebrate the new 'ME,' the perfect reward for all my months of hard work and focus and commitment and dedication!!

Saturday morning started with an early rise, a 2 hour drive to the harbor, a 90 min boat ride, a 30 min drive, follow by a 20 min boat ride to get to the island. It was raining when we were leaving but when we arrived on the tiny island, the weather was perfect. White clouds, blue skies, white sand beaches, surrounded with aqua and blue water. It was absolutely gorgeous!!

Saturday afternoon was my moment! It was my first time to wear my new speedo and it was the first time for me to wear a swimsuit in public in more than 6 years. It was a great experience in that I blended in with the crowd, I felt normal. My husband and I took part in some water sports: banana boat, jet ski, and some snorkeling. Then we lay and relaxed on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. It was perfect. I walked the length of the beach before heading back to the hotel.

After a quick shower, we decided to jog around the coastline of the island. The entire coastline is only 3.1 km so a jog seemed like a great way to enjoy the scenery. We took our cameras and stop at several vantage points. It was the perfect way to explore the island and seek in some exercise before we joined our friends for an evening barbeque.

The barbeque was so much fun. It was a great way to end the perfect day. I made sure there were lots of veggies & a skinless, boneless chicken breast which I enjoyed. The barbeque continued into the wee hours of the morning but I left at 10 pm so I could wake up early and go to the beach early the next morning.

The next morning my husband and I headed to the beach at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise. We were the only two on a beach that went on forever. It was the perfect morning. I did cardio kickboxing while my husband went for a swim. Then we walked the beach again. The setting was so calm, with with gentle breeze from the ocean. You could hear the waves gentling rolling in. I am so happy I took the time to kickbox in the beach, words cannot describe how good I felt at that moment. This piece of paradise was entirely ours for 3 hours while the rest of the island was sleeping. Life couldn't be any better!!

Part 2 of my perfect beach getaway will be posted within the next couple of days ¡V Watch this space!!
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