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If I Could Just Stop Coughing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I was totally getting back into the swing of things - enjoying my workouts, being consistent and then I got hit with a nasty cough. First lost my voice - I work in Customer Service which basically consists of talking to customers by phone, oh and I have 3 boys at home! No voice is not good, thankfully that was only for a day. But it was followed by this nagging, persistent, awful dry cough that just won't quit. My head and back hurt from coughing so much at this point. Since my hubby is working nights, I've even gone over with my boys what they need to do if I pass out while coughing - trying to prepare them just in case as I've been quite dizzy a few times now after a fit of coughing. With all that said, I am certainly not working out. I went to the doctor today - he swabbed my throat and listened to my chest... said it's likely viral so no antibiotics. However, this could potentially last 4-6 weeks! Whaaat!? If I'm still in rough shape in a week, then I'm supposed to go back in. In the meantime, he gave me a prescription cough syrup to take - should help suppress my cough so that I can at least catch some zzz's. Boys are due in bed in t-50mins, then it's me and the cough syrup - and my pillows!!!
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