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reached my goal!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ok so i havent been on in a while, but i havent given up! I actually reached my goal weight of 170 lbs a few weeks ago, super excited about that. Currently I am 167.4 trying to get to 165 so my drivers license will actually be correct for the first time ever, lol. Using spark people deffinately helped to motivate me, the exercise became addictive, and why i still ocassionally crave sweet, salty, or greesey foods, i dont over indulge in them like I used to. I feel I have created a lifestyle i can live with forever because it makes me feel soooo good. The weight loss is not the only major change in my life, I have actually started dating agian for the first time in over 3 years. I wasnt expecting anything to come out of it other than getting out of the house on weekends, but I have actually met a really great guy! Its only been a little over 2 months, and we arent jumping into any thing serious too quickly but its going very well. I owe alot of this to spark people, and for all of my spark freinds for keeping me motivated and heling me change my lifestyle for the better, it not only fixed me on a physical level but has also helped me work through alot of my emotional issues as well. so once again thank you all for helping me help myself to reach my goals, I hope I have helped to inspire you as well, and if you are still working towards your goal, DONT EVER GIVE UP, YOU WILL MAKE IT!
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