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Why do BAD things come in 3's????

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do good things come in 3's? Never seen it or have taken notice of it. We only really pay attention to the BAD that has happened.

#1 - We had a really bad storm on July 1st. Pouring down rain and HAIL. One of our cars is a lease that we've had for 10 months. DH ran for blankets to cover it up. There are about 10 dings in the roof. A neighbor didn't cover his up and got about 100 dings.

#2 - DH has a problem when backing up. On July 5th, after picking up my new computer from my go-to computer guy, DH was backing out of his LONG driveway and wasn't paying attention to the straightness of his backing up. I was watching the outside mirror on my side and hollered out to watch out " you're going to hit the mailbox". Now have about a 12" scratch that is on the door and back quarter panel. Toyota Collision Center said about $350 for repair.

#3 - July 14th traveling on a 2 lane TN state highway to our vacation spot, DH was ahead of me (we took 2 cars because we had the GK's and a Corolla can't handle 5 people, suitcases and fishing stuff) and a dog ran right into the left side of his car. Tore off the plastic wheel housing cover, damaged the cowling (which is also part of the front grill -$750) and some large container.
Called 911 because we needed a police report for insurance purposes. The original party that answered determined that we needed to be transferred to another county's 911 service and that county couldn't determine that the address I gave her (from the mailbox we were closest to) was a valid address. Someone stopped and offered help and told me what county we were actually in and they contacted someone to call the proper 911 for us.

When we were at the dealership to talk about repairs, we had to make sure the car would be able to survive the trip we are taking shortly.

Deanna in Dacula, GA

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