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Drastic Changes!!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

So much has happened since my last blog! Since Hubby & I really are quite happy with our home, we decided to take it off of the market and just hire a reliable, responsible lawn man. This has worked out great!!

Two days, after making this decision, I received a phone call asking me to return to my previous job after 6 1/2 very long years!! After deliberating & weighing all of the pros and cons, I agreed to return. I was to start the first week of Sept.
It was currently the beginning of August.

This meant that I had 1 month to unpack the already packed house and prepare for this new change of direction that my life was/is going to take. However, there were already previous plans for August. Our son & daughter-in-law were returning from their years of overseas duty & would be visiting before going to their new stationed base in Georgia. Then, my sister & brother-in-law would be coming down via train to stay with us for a week's visit. I had a lot of butt busting to get things done!

Well, all of the visits are over, as well as the first week back at work. I am both exhilarated and exhausted! I had a very productive week at work and it is all coming back to me rather quickly. But, now I remember what it is like to have to get up early, fight traffic to and from work, and cram alllll of the laundry & household chores into 2 days.

So, if I am not on sparks as much as I was, it isn't due to lack of trying, just to lack of time!!! lol I'm not as young as I once was and can't juggle as many things any longer. But, hey, I am still active as ever!!!

Many hugs to all of my friends who have been praying for me and wishing me good luck!
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