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Thursday, September 27, 2012

So today leaves me with 3 days left in the diet bet. I'm very close but I'm sure everyone knows how bodies are and I may or may not make it.

I have just over a pound to lose. If I'm rigorous in eating clean for the next 3 days I could make it with maybe a little extra loss. We'll see. I have quite a bit of motivation though. Our pot is $540 and out of 20 of us I would say it appears that maybe half of us will make it...maybe. Some people I think have not been weighing in (you don't have to until the end).

I've learned a few things over this. I went in really confident that losing 4% of my weight would be easy in a month. Maybe not cake walk EASY but possible. It hasn't been as easy, even my version of realistically easy, as I thought. The beginning of the month went well but when my monthly hit my weight fluctuated up by 2 lbs and that set me back over the month. My one fast food meal that month did not help : /

Would I do another dietbet? Hmmmm. I like the concept. I do think losing 4% is attainable over the course of a month provided you can control your diet. Controlling my diet has always been an issue with me so this is good and bad for me. Good in the fact that its MAKING me pay attention and not want to wander off track. Bad in the fact that the old me can't get her way LOL.

What I don't like. I've done cardio this month but no weight training. I'm too scared to put on muscle weight and I have a tendency to do that. I know the absolute importance of muscle, its role, and how good weight training is for you. I also have 3 days left to go and I really want a piece of that $$.

My question would be can I combine weight training and do dietbet? Can I weight train and lose 6ish lbs in a month? That is what I would be aiming for if I do another diet bet. If I win and get my money I put in back, plus a piece of the pot, I may set aside enough for another dietbet just to find out... so nothing lost if I don't win my 2nd dietbet.

Ultimately I feel really good right now. I've lost a few pounds. I have really listened to my body these last few weeks. I know what foods will really effect my weight loss efforts. My anniversary was this month and my husband and I even ended up going out to eat at restaurants a few times...BUT I chose wisely. I would have only a piece/bite of appetizer and then chose something like a steak/veggies for the main course.

So I really do like how this is making me very aware all month long of what to choose. I don't like how I feel like I'll have to watch the end date of the dietbet I choose (you can pick from an array of dietbets on the site) to make sure it doesn't hit around a certain time of the month. Us ladies all know how that can make our weight fluctuate. Dietbet comes down to numbers plain and simple, water weight or not. Numbers can be a good thing in the beginning to keep you motivated...frustrating in the long run. Ultimately I have about 50-60lbs I could lose so I have a little wiggle room in there for numbers I know should drop off realistically easy. I just want to get back to weight training too.

I'll keep everyone updated in the next few days.
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    I've done 5x's a week splits with weights before but I was thinking of easing in with a 2 day full body split hitting all parts pretty good yet not going excessively heavy. If I were to do a 3rd day I would make it a body weight day circuit. I've read a bit about circuit training and mixing cardio and weights together for good results. I could play around with that also.

    WTG on your losses that is awesome!
    3188 days ago
    Good for you for sticking with the diet and exercise! I'm proud of you!

    As for the weight training, I definitely think it's something to think about. Muscle burns more fat especially when you are just sitting. So, I wouldn't go hardcore like 5x a week, but I suggest 2-3 times a week. Use light weights or even body weight to start. Also, there are plenty of ST videos on SparkPeople, ToneItUp.com, BodyRock.tv, etc. Last month, I did ST about twice a week, and I ended up losing 6.2 lbs, so it's possible. So, it's definitely worth considering!
    3188 days ago
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