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Let's Get it In!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm on the count down! 76 day until my 47th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo! Hoooo! I do love parties!!! Much to celebrate this year! I have had the most amazing summer! I've been on mountain climbs in Yosemite that I wouldn't have even dreamed possible just a couple years ago! I am blessed to teach bootcamp classes and a high intensity class I created called BIQ (pronounced BIC like the lighter) Burn . It. Quick. These are such a joy to me for many reasons. First, I have had two knee surgeries in the past. . . yet I climb, jump, run, leap and squat without pain! Second, I have more energy and endurance than I thought possible dare I say 'at my age'. Third, I am medicine FREE!!! No blood pressure meds! Fourth, I've now maintained my weight loss for well over a year and continue to pursue the healthiest choices available to me.

For the past ten months I have focused on the goals I wanted to reach before my birthday this year. Whether I make those goals before that date, my journey will not end. I recently tweaked my knee a little and had a few days of icing, resting, elevating, and backing off of some of my more intense workouts. My first thought was 'I don't want to have to stop teaching bootcamp or BIQ' . . . . I get sooooo much joy out of teaching those classes! I didn't have fear this time . . . I didn't fear what might happen to my workouts, nutrition, mood, or life if I had to have another knee surgery. I feel like my healthy choices are now a lifestyle that I can sustain and adapt when I need to to fit the circumstances. I don't fear that I will gain weight or lose my interest in physical activity.

I will find a way to 'get it in' and get done. God has been so good to give me some of the most amazing opportunities, I have to trust that if those opportunities are removed as an option, that will also be for a purpose, for my growth, learning and other possibilities for a season. This is now my life. Not a diet. Not a fad. Not a gimmick. Not a wish. It feels like a dream and I know it's a blessing.

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