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Monday, January 28, 2013

When I think of Leanne at goal weight, I smile. A big a$$ grin. For lots of reasons...

I will buy pretty much any cute lil top I want.
I will strut my stuff when I walk and rock sashay my booty around.
I will run for fun.
I will love days by the pool in my bikini with my best friend.
I will take it off for a boy and be like, oh yea...
I will play with my nieces and nephews for hours and not tire out...too much.
I will wear some high as heck heels and dance, dance, dance.
I will breathe easier and not need my inhaler taking up all that room in my clutch.
I will feel lighter and fitter and happier.
My mind will be lighter, fitter and more clear.
I will smile constantly. Like, folks will think I'm a nut.
And I'm cool with that.

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