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Mind Games

Saturday, February 09, 2013

This weight loss thing is as much of a head trip as it is a physical activity. We have to use our minds too. I have such a time doing what is right, so what is in my head? Do I honestly think I can do it? Is my desire to indulge in a bag of chips stronger than my desire to be more fit and healthier? How can I control the cravings that haunt my mind? If I had these answers, I'd write a diet book and get really rich!
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    You are so right. It is a constant journey physically and mentally. emoticon
    3054 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13283372
    I completely agree that it is way more about your mind. Not just the willpower, because I'd be the first to quit. It's how you want to be and live your life. You have to have a picture of YOUR best self - mentally, spiritually, physically - in the forefront of your decision making. You are important. Take care of yourself.
    3054 days ago
    I find my mind has a mind of it's own!
    3054 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Every action starts in our minds first.
    Thinking is the beginning for eating right,
    choosing wrong, behaving well or anything.
    3055 days ago
  • DLG0505
    This is so very true. On one of my other teams we talk about "mindful eating" and being aware of what is going in your mouth. I'm always aware of what's going in but still continue to put junk in mouth at times. When you get the answers down and write that book - I'll buy a copy!
    3055 days ago
  • HI-NRG
    Sometimes I feel like I have different answers for the same questions. Just depends on which way the wind is blowing. Very frustrating.

    3055 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13400401
    I think we all suffer from this! What works the best for me are not keeping my "trigger foods" in the house and I also have a picture of a really cute outfit I'm dying to wear (too small yet) on my fridge! emoticon emoticon
    3055 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13457147
    I think the longer you stay away from something the easier it is to resist- that being said- there are some foods I know I just cannot have even a small portion- maybe when I get farther along I can have a portion outside the home but not have on hand.
    Of course there are things that other people eat in my house that I can't even acknowledge to my brain that I have seen them- I know that sounds weird- but it means that if I start to notice or see them- I immediately do something else because if I linger on them they will take up space in my brain until I give in.

    This is so hard- I am in my early motivated stage now and in the past that stage has lasted about 3 months and then I cave so I am trying to work on a plan to prevent that.

    Making myself stay actively involved with spark people I think will help . the more we blog and put our thoughts and challenges out there- the more successful we will be. I think it is kind of like the concept of a sponsor in AA.
    3055 days ago
    You know, I use to hear all the time...It's about will power but you know what? It's not...will power doesn't really help. It is definitely motivation/mind power. It's NOT easy...I'm not a chip person so much but mine is ice cream...I could eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting if I really let myself. So, how do I stop myself? I measure out a serving...Then I get my craving for ice cream fulfilled but I don't go crazy. So maybe that is what you might think about...Take your chips and measure out 1 serving then, do not let yourself eat more than that 1 serving.

    Just a thought.
    3055 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13634629
    Thanks for the goodie! I added you as a friend after reading your page we have much in common. As for the "what's in our heads." Well, I get those thoughts too. What I do is give myself permission to have what I am craving but I pick out 6 of the best looking, (no broken edge, no brown spots) most salty yummy chips, I eat them very slowly and really enjoy those six. Then I do not feel deprived and I don't end up going over board and giving in to the whole bag. I don't buy the large bags but one single serving bag and it last for a couple weeks because I only eat those six when I am really craving them. It works for me! Best of luck!
    3055 days ago
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