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Dear Doctor--DON'T Get An Attitude With Me!!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

It all started with some paperwork that I took to the doctor last November for them to fill out regarding my disability and not being able to work. At first I was told that they "don't do" disability...but as I told them, I am already on disability and this was just paperwork needed by Sallie Mae (parent/student loans) to verify that I was still unable to work. They told me I needed to have the original doctor who "did" my disability fill out the paperwork. Mind you, I have been going to my present doctor for over two years. I haven't seen my "original" doctor since just before we moved to Arkansas from Indiana in 2009. So obviously THAT wasn't going to work!

So, I wrote to my Indiana doctor and got all my records sent to my present doctor. I also sent my doctor's office all my paperwork from the disability doctor stating what my disabilities were and why I was not able to work.

Anyway, Thursday morning was our routine 3-month check-up. Once again I asked the nurse what they had as my diagnosis. At first she acted like she didn't hear and asked my husband questions. After the third time she finally read off the list to me. Arthritis--check. Depression--check. Overactive Bladder--check. Seasonal Allergies--check. Edema--check. Hypertension--Uh....NO!! I do NOT have hypertension, nor have I EVER had hypertension. Where is the diagnosis of Heart Failure?

The nurse left, and it took quite a long time before the doctor came in. I know that she was out there at the desk reading all my medical records I had sent to them. When she came in, there was a definite attitude about her. She was most definitely NOT her cheerful, friendly self, and I knew there was something wrong.

She check over my husband first, then it was my turn. OMG!!! Talk about being attacked! I couldn't believe some of the things she said to me! She was mad that I didn't bring up about my memory loss--well, it's an old problem that I've had for years, and there has been no change for several years. I'm always asked if there are any new problems or changes for the worse, and there hasn't been since before I started going to her. To make a long story short, she refused to fill out my paperwork because "it will come back and bite me (the doctor) in the butt because I have no documentation in your medical records here." HELLLLOOOOO!!!!! At my very first doctor visit I took in copies of my echocardiogram with the heart failure diagnosis, and personally put it in the doctor's hands, after which she went over all my medications and reasons that I was on them, and I told her that the Ramipril was because of CHF. It's not MY fault that no one, including the doctor, made any mention in my chart about my heart failure! I not only TOLD them, but I also WROTE it on the new patient paperwork I filled out (I made copies of them before I took them into the doctor's office, so I was able to look it up when I got home.)

So, for the last two years plus, my doctor has been treating me for non-existent hypertension and NOT addressing the Heart Failure at all!! Needless to say, I have lost ALL faith and trust in her as my doctor. I'm so thankful to God that during all this time I never had an episode with my heart, or they may not have figured it out until it was too late since there was no documentation of a heart condition in my current doctor's records. After all, I am the very first (and ONLY) person in my family for as far back as four generations--BOTH sides of family--that has any heart issues. No one has ever even had hypertension, so the family history wouldn't have given any clue.

When I got home from the doctor, I was still fuming. I was just so mad that such an important piece of information had been left out of my records. I was informed that I should have been seeing a cardiologist at least once a year. Well, if none of my doctors ever referred me to one, why would I be seeing one? It's not MY fault that my echocardiogram is so old. I was told that an appointment would be made immediately for a new echocardiogram and for me to see a cardiologist. That was Thusday morning, and so far I have heard nothing from them about these appointments. She did, however, give me a prescription for another heart medicine that she said I should be on in addition to the Ramipril. I am NOT filling it until I see someone else. I'm not comfortable taking additional heart medication from someone who hasn't even been aware of my heart condition the whole time I've seen her (every three months for over two years).

My husband thinks that I am over-reacting. I told him that he was more than welcome to stay with her as his doctor, but I am going elsewhere as I feel this is a very serious problem. My kids are all in agreement with me. I just no longer feel any confidence in this doctor, and I'm sure not comfortable with her any longer. Maybe I am over-reacting, but I'm the one that could have died with this life-and-death omission from my medical records!!

Sorry that this is so long. I just needed to get it off my chest so I could quit fuming over it and move on. I was so depressed for a couple days over this whole situation, but now that I have made up my mind what to do and shared my frustration with my dear SparkFriends, I feel so much better. I just have one final thought:

Dear Doctor--
Don't cop an attitude with me because I finally discover that you have been treating me for hypertension for the past two years instead of congestive heart failure. I personally put my echocardiogram report in your hand on my first visit, so it's not my fault that you didn't have CHF mentioned in my medical records!
As Donald Trump says on The Celebrity Apprentice--

P.S. Before anyone makes a comment, I want to make it clear that the issue is NOT with the fact that she won't fill out the paperwork. I already filled it out Friday and sent it in with a copy of the records and letters from disability, and a note stating that my current doctor of two years wasn't able to fill out the paperwork due to the fact that she had been treating me for the wrong thing for the past two years and not even documenting my heart failure. If it's not good enough for Sallie Mae, no problem.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My goodness! What a nightmare situation in the making! I am glad that you discovered what was going on. I agree with you that she does not seem like a very reliable source of health care & I, too, would be changing doctors immediately. I would also have written to the hospital that she is affiliated with & reported exactly what had transpired. Such neglect should not go undocumented with the powers that be! Reporting the whole thing just may save someone else misfortune at her hands...that could be your own husband, if he chose to stay under her questionable medical care.

    God bless!

    1152 days ago
    I just got a new dr. too! :)
    2177 days ago
    I hope that by now you have found a doctor that you trust. Feeling confident in your doctor is so important! So glad that you stayed healthy during the two years in terms of your heart.
    2913 days ago
    You will never be in a good place if you stay with that doctor. Time to do a good search for a new one. They are supposed to be our advocates, not work against us.
    Best of luck to you!
    3019 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Wow I'm with you on this one. Get a new doctor! I wouldn't be able to trust her at all anymore! I am glad you have been healthy all this time!
    3022 days ago
  • JILL313
    Wow, what an incompetent Dr. she sounds like. Praise God that you finally found out the truth as it could have be devastating for you if something bad that happened to you with her head in the clouds. I hope you find a good new Dr. soon and she/he is much more organized and competent than she is. Continue to vent if/when you need to as you have every right to be angry. . .You held your own very well, good for you!


    3023 days ago
  • DEE107
    hugs need a new doctor for sure
    3023 days ago
    You certainly need a new doctor. That doctor is bad
    3024 days ago
    Oh my.....she is a horrible doctor. I feel that you have made the RIGHT call in finding another doctor. That doctor treated you WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! She should be thanking the Lord that nothing bad happened to you while in her "care". Can anybody say lawsuit?

    But on the other hand, be glad that your not a Veteran of the military, like my physically disabled DH is. When a Veteran calls the VA to make an appointment, it is 3 months later before he gets to actually see a doctor. If he needs to be referred to a specialist, it takes from 6 months to a year for that. If a special procedure or surgery is needed, it is 1 to 2 YEAR wait for the Veteran's who have gone to war and fought for our country!!

    I hope that it does not take you long to find a new "good & caring & competent" doctor. And I hope that this present doctor does not do (or not do, as in your case) badly for your DH, since he seems to be happy to stay with her.

    God bless you both.

    3024 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11398088
    Sounds normal to me, I had to wait over a year for a year for an operation that was suppose to be done in a few weeks. Our doctors change every 2 years so we are lucky if they even walk into the room with the correct chart. But we are lucky in that the waiting for regular appointments is only 3 weeks, otherwise, if it's something that needs to be seen immediately we drive to the nearest city to a walk in clinic.
    3024 days ago
    OMG! Where is Marcus Welby or Ben Casey when you need them? That is absolutely terrible. I wouldn't go back to her either. I bet if she would have taken your blood pressure after this incident, it would have been sky-high and she would have said "I told you so". Find another doctor! Noel
    3024 days ago
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