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8 Colors of Fitness & Your Fitness Personality

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This week's challenge is regarding your personality traits which can tell you a lot about what kind of fitness routine will work best for you. I took an 8 minute color quiz and found out that I am Green... Here is a link to the quiz.. the8colors.com/HTML-QUIZ

Greens are highly attuned to and observant of the physical world around them. Their profound attention to detail and their outstanding orienting skills influence all aspects of what they do and when they do it. Minimalists at heart, their demeanor is understated, quiet, and unobtrusive.. In groups, Greens tend toward the background, preferring others to take the lead in social interactions.. ( that is me to a tee)

With their reserved demeanor, they are quite observers of the physical world. They prefer to do outdoors or through activities of daily living, such as yard maintenance, parking a mile from their office, or using the stairs instead of elevators.

Too much inside time is stressful for Greens. Getting outside gives them an opportunity to clear their minds and wrestle with the energizing and calming challenges of nature. Almost any outdoor environment will do.

Greens are practical & analytical. They will make use of a personal trainer who challenges them, holds them accountable, and doesn't talk too much.. (I definitely agree with this)

So tonight my mother & I will be participating in a 8 week walking training program that leads up to a 5k in June. I am looking forward to having fun and having a positive experience.
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